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my weekend rocks!!

by - June 06, 2011

and why is that? 3rd june to 5th june 2011: summarized as...because... had a rockin netball game from my team whom most of the team members did not come for training but we had great fun and game, had a rockamania dinner by the company i am working for, had a rockin' night with my fav live band, dadza, right after the dinner, there was a stupyd rockin fight between a rock father and rock kids.. :P, superb rockin' weekend swimming and gym session at concorde hotel, shah alam. there you go!

friday was declared a holiday by the company i am working for.. public hol on saturday will be replaced by the earlier friday. drove up to shah alam with WD to recce on the netball game place. we ended staying for the volleyball game till almost the end. got stuck in traffic from shah alam to kl... arrgghhh... had  a date with kaiser to buy some accessories for the dinner. the theme this year was rock. we do not plan to spend so much on costumes or accessories. 

saturday morning was the netball game. i was happy that our team played quite well despite with no trainings. the first game was a bit out coz we needed to get used to each other. but after that it went well. :) i had fun :)) hope the rest had fun too. it was really hot!! rushed back to KL coz the maid is waiting. gotta pick up kaiser and joey.. gotta do our hair..make up etc... ended up, we reached concorde hotel shah alam earlier, i managed to get my friend DR to do my make up for me. :) love her touch.. had a good make over.. not too thick, and i like what she did to my eyes!! ;) and that night, the 4 of us, the whole family won something :) yeahhh... a total collection of rm900 brought back! not bad at all ehh... ;) thanks MCB!

from left: 4th placing, 2nd placing, 3rd placing and 5th placing for best dressed :)

the next morning, we woke up at 830am :) headed for breakfast.. then kids enjoyed the pool swimming while kaiser and i went to the gym. and while i was on the treadmill, i was thinking.. hmmm what a way to spend a holiday... too healthy? :P hahhah :D i guess when it has become a routine, we are used to that. :) by 12noon we checked out and i headed to kajang with joelis to a wedding. kaiser doesnt like to attend weddings, so he was at work :P 

and after the wedding, i accompanied my parents to go merisik for my cousin. to my surprise, i knew the girl whom my cousin is merisik-king :P hmmm.. what a small world. she looked beautiful and different :)

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