Wednesday, June 29, 2011

mommy daughter day - sports day ;)

so, okay... the earlier plan was, me, staying for lisa's cheerleading and go home.. but guess what? i ended staying during the whole event and not feeling bored at all. :) with my asus, phone, and 500D with me.. i am one happy woman!! truly enjoyed the sports day... can't remember the last time i attended one ;) and watching my used to be a lil girl growing up to be a teenager, hmmm how time flies. 
click for bigger picture
she looked really cheerful and full of smiles on her face during the cheerleading competition. imho, her group, yellow house @ bendahara was the most sweet and innocent moves and great songs. and i am proud to see that lisa can move like that :) and she was really enjoying herself too! maybe you'd say that i am bias, but the red team @ laksamana should not have been the champion! they kinda frozen when their cd was scratched and the song jumped. they became not synchronized after that. how can they win?? and green house @ syahbandar, with that identity that they were wearing, i would have used the mj song.. more army-ish songs and make sure all moves are sharp! i love the blue house @ temenggung outfit... and i think they have quite a few girls with this cheerleader face. 
can't leave coz lisa was supposed to run. after a few event, lisa would come to my place and sit for a while with me. i bought for her kfc breakfast [the nearest ok :P ] but told her not to eat so much as she will be running. and i was amazed and impressed and so proud that she can run so fast!! wowwiee.. there i was standing - the only mommy with yellow top [hmmm.. i have never worn a yellow top before, have i?] yelling and shouting "lisa! lisa! go go go!!" goshhh... i was really screaming you can't imagine!! and her group won 1st place!!! lisa actually overtook 3 girls!! 
by almost 2pm the event was over.. we were so starving and hot and sticky and hungry and lisa was glittering from the silver/gold dust. oowhh and she got them all over my car!!! dangggg.... i was driving and almost fallen asleep.. we had another round of kfc for late lunch.. hehhe :D :P [and i feel so fat now!!!] fetched joey from my parents' house and went home.. i slept from 530pm till 7.30pm!! astaga.... what a day... but i enjoyed it :) couldn't stop talking about it with lisa.. ;P