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me? entrepreneur?

by - June 10, 2011

OMG!!! masyaallah... i am so like full-house! you might call me gila kuasa and all... no no... its not that, it is just that all of a sudden its getting so exciting! hahaha :D sorry people if you get confused with all these.. before you get more blur.. let me just enlighten you ;) and this is for my dear hubby too who doesnt know that i am doing this.. LOL :D hahaha sorry darling.. :P he was shocked when i told him that i started a new / another online business. 

it took me sometime to create the blog simply because at first i was afraid that if people see me carrying my handbags automatically they will have the impression that they are not the real one. [when i am at my poyo moment lah :P] hahaha .. but then again, who cares??!! okay lah.. if i have to be poyo.. [like some people i know lah kan] i do have the real ones - not naming any brands now...which my hubby bought when he was in the states..or when we went to germany last year [omg - so me the poyos... sorry peeps...] if a regular people like me, penghabih RM$$ duit buying the real one, would people out there think that i am using a real one? hmmm... and or lets make it vice versa.. if i were to use an authentic ones, and wear it with style would people belek2 my handbag and check if they are real ones? at the end of the day, its how you carry yourself. no doubt, you [or, me] still need at least one or two the real ones for self satisfaction but if you want more, would you want to spend that much? tepuk dada tanya selera. ;) i can but i wont ;)

wokayyy... err.. well, as you know, (or for those who doesnt know) lets start with the introduction!
  • i am still working fulltime in marketing/customer service - and draining myself to $%$@##$! and giving full commitment and loyalty to the company of errrmmm 15 years??!!! 
  • xango is still in my heart as it helps a lot of people who needs the juice for the health benefit.
  • auruma is a place where i divert some of my/our savings and where i get a higher return.
  • cafe is the latest family business that i help my mom with.
  • and last but not least, i just sent out an invite to some friends on this new activity.. hehehe :D if you want to know more, click on the logo lah! :) before this i placed a link at the top of this blog. but somehow as more and more stocks pictures coming in, i find it not suitable to have them on just 1 page.. and as i type all these i still have pictures not uploaded yet... hence, i will need a special blog for this. so.. why wait? lets browse - you'll never know what you'll find!


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