Wednesday, June 29, 2011

ein needs chillin'

i know i am busy... as stated on my status on gtalk. but i just have to write.. i need to blog to de-stress. i was on the way to the office when my office colleague called. we have a project together that needed attention. and when she asked where i was, the questions were, 'kerja tak? ke, dah tak nak kerja lagi? ke, cuti?' and that put a tinker in my head. i don't really know what that means, but you know i know lah :P those questions have been playing in my head. and i really need to let it out. and my answer to my friend was, 'sebenarnya memang aku dah tak nak kerja situ lagi' why? there is something.. but i cannot say it or mention it here. i am so de-motivated - yes. but is my work lacking? nope. just the 'semangat' is not there anymore. i took the day off this week, 2 days in fact and coming back to the office.. with loads of stuff on my plate.. errrmmm... i just don't want to do this anymore

and i have lots of posting overdue:
  • cimb rude staff
  • restaurants review - felda dsaji
  • cafe opening preparation -  yeup we are opening a cafe :)
how laaa??? 

i had a greeaaaatt time yesterday although it was tiring. i wanna be on my own. i wanna have my own time so that i can be with my kids. lots of things i wanna do... but time is so limited... like what people say, nafsu & kehendak ada, tapi kudrat & kemampuan is limited.

ya Allah ya Tuhan ku... sesungguhnya apa jua urusan ku adalah kerana Mu jua.. hidupku - matiku - hanyalah untukMu. ampunilah kekhilafan hambaMu ini. kealpaaan... sesungguhnya hanya Kau lah cintaku yang agung dan abadi.. berkatilah usahaku yaAllah demi membesarkan anak2 ku.. 



Hai Ein,

Maybe u need some rest :) Too many things to do hah? Always pray to Allah. And insyaAllah, Allah will help u :) I pray you will succeed in everything you do :) Take care.