Monday, June 13, 2011

craving for salmon steak - ayers rock butcher & grill

if i wanna do a restaurant review about the restaurant, it is not fair. simply because the photo quality does not how do i say it.. errmmm show how delicious the food was.. last week i was at ayer's rock butcher and grill, wangsa maju. i got an sms from kaiser that he wanted to eat a cake.. and he was free until his next class at 9pm.. so... i had to choose between aaron aziz and my hubby lah kan... if i said i wanted to watch the drama.. nanti dia merajuk pulak... apa?? ingat orang putih tak reti merajuk?? :P hahaha :D lagi burok merajuk dia.. ahahaha :D anyway.. that day, i came back early, luckily the traffic was clear. went home, we met and my parents' place as it is nearer than going up hill to our house :) and i pun menemankan dia makan cake.. i not so a cake person... kaiser ordered chocolate strawberry cake and i ordered carrot cake... itu pun tak habis..

as usual, kaiser will finish my cake for me.. then i told him, i was still hungry... but i dont feel like eating rice... and walaaaa... suddenly i felt like eating salmon steak at ayer's rock butcher & grill. and since it was just a walking distance, i forced kaiser to accompany me.. watch me eat!! hahaha coz he was already full with his cake and mine :P yey...

let me make a review.. :)

my favorite - salmon steak... yummmyyy!!
this was the sausage and fries that joelis ordered many months back, just found the picture :)

·         date of visit: 10th June 2011
·         location:  No. 9, Wangsa Maju Delima 10, Wangsa Link, Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03- 4148 1333
·         place: plenty in front of the shop.
·         decor: nice, neat.
·         cleanliness: clean.
·         service: it was normal waiting time i guess but for kaiser it was too long...well roughly about 20 minutes for my salmon steak. [my extra comment:] while giving the change and bill to the customer, i'd suggest the waiter to give with a bill folder or something.. and while giving the change too. it makes them look more professional.
·         price: RM30.00 i think for the salmon steak.. if forgot the total bill :P
·         food: i love the salmon steak.. can't tell more on the beef steak though.. maybe next time :)

will i recommend this place to others? yes!! if you don't paying a bit more for western food. i was talking to my younger sister the other day. comparing the price with unc chillies.. somehow, the price was more or less except uncle chillies portion was bigger.