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kaku - mcm batu

tersangat marah skrg ni... tadi tak marah cuma sedih. tapi skrg marah campur sedih. aku tak boleh ckp dgn sapa2. jadi aku luahkan kat blog. aku dah tak boleh pikir straight skrg ni. kalau korang baca ni layan je lah.. baru kejap ni aku kena marah dgn laki aku sebab aku tak tido lagi and switch on lappy aku. aku terpaksa, kalau tak aku tak leh tido. tapi dia bukan paham kalau aku ckp. aku dah penat skrg ni. dari tadi aku dah sebak. paham tak perasaan sebak macamana. kepala aku dah penuh macam2 skrg ni. pasal kerja aku tak payah sentuh, coz aku bukan ada pilihan lain pun. nak tak nak aku kena stay... so, i will just stop talking about work here.
pick up the frieking phone!! tau tak anak ko dah berapa hari cuba call?? aku sms jgn harap nak reply lah. aku bukan saja2 nak sms. semua hal anak2. jgn ditimpa perasaan boleh tak? ko tau tak, anak ko simpan duit yang dia menang sebab nak belanja ko keluar tengok wayang? ko tau tak dia beriya2 plan nak buat semua tu. ko paham tak perasaan anak ko …

my yoghurt moment

lately i am always looking forward for yoghurt moment with kaiser. in my little head, i miss the times when kaiser comes home early... or not as late as nowadays. but then again, busyness makes him happy - and alhamdulillah more rezeki for the family. normally he'd buy yoghurt just in case he gets hungry late night, he stopped after awhile coz he found out that his tummy bulged for eating too much yoghurt. then i started to buy, coz at times, i am lazy to have dinner. so.. eating yoghurt has become the moment of yoghurt for me.. and him.. nothing special just that i will be fighting for his yoghurt & vice versa.. heheh :D  i arrived home after picking up joelis last night, kaiser was already home. :) since it was already 930pm.. joelis went straight upstairs to their rooms. joey came down again to borrow kaiser's phone to call his dad. their phone is out of order, and calling his dad using my phone will not get picked up. hmmm no answer... joey went upstairs, a bit frustrat…

ein needs chillin'

i know i am busy... as stated on my status on gtalk. but i just have to write.. i need to blog to de-stress. i was on the way to the office when my office colleague called. we have a project together that needed attention. and when she asked where i was, the questions were, 'kerja tak? ke, dah tak nak kerja lagi? ke, cuti?' and that put a tinker in my head. i don't really know what that means, but you know i know lah :P those questions have been playing in my head. and i really need to let it out. and my answer to my friend was, 'sebenarnya memang aku dah tak nak kerja situ lagi' why? there is something.. but i cannot say it or mention it here. i am so de-motivated - yes. but is my work lacking? nope. just the 'semangat' is not there anymore. i took the day off this week, 2 days in fact and coming back to the office.. with loads of stuff on my plate.. errrmmm... i just don't want to do this anymore
and i have lots of posting overdue: cimb rude staffrest…

mommy daughter day - sports day ;)

so, okay... the earlier plan was, me, staying for lisa's cheerleading and go home.. but guess what? i ended staying during the whole event and not feeling bored at all. :) with my asus, phone, and 500D with me.. i am one happy woman!! truly enjoyed the sports day... can't remember the last time i attended one ;) and watching my used to be a lil girl growing up to be a teenager, hmmm how time flies.  she looked really cheerful and full of smiles on her face during the cheerleading competition. imho, her group, yellow house @ bendahara was the most sweet and innocent moves and great songs. and i am proud to see that lisa can move like that :) and she was really enjoying herself too! maybe you'd say that i am bias, but the red team @ laksamanashould not have been the champion! they kinda frozen when their cd was scratched and the song jumped. they became not synchronized after that. how can they win?? and green house @ syahbandar, with that identity that they were wearing, i w…

why invest in gold & silver, how, and where?

time for serious matter :)
Saturday - 2nd July 2011 8.00pm sharp
No. B-2B-22, Jalan 3/4C Desa Melawati 53100 Kuala Lumpur
Inquiries:  Mr. Andreas Osbahr - 013 287 6122 Nurain Kalam - 012 - 290 5653

Why invest in gold & silver? Learn the history of the precious metals. How to buy, where to buy, and other questions answered.

school sports day

6.55am – arrived at stadium cheras..
7.40am - here I am in my yellow tshirt, right smack in the middle of high school students of SAB KL.. gosh.. as I smses SZ, I missed being in high school. The difference was my school was all girls school. Heheh :D
this morning was up by 530 coz kaiser’s phone alarm was on. Danggg there goes my extra of 15 mins to sleep. By the time 610am was already getting ready… alaaaa could not find any yellow tshirt.. lisa came into my room and got me one.. :P prepared a mug of milo for joey, lisa prepared cheese sandwich for him and soon off we went to cheras stadium… erkkk… where the heck is that place…gamble lah… before 7am we reached the stadium.
starting now… all those colorful flags.. kids getting prepared for the perbarisan.. lisa is in cheerleading.. although I think my time was more fun, not so much restriction and we can still wear short skirts..huhu… :P but okay lah.. these girls are wearing long pants – the aerobic style and creative in their tshir…

dr sheikh muszaphar - a father to be

as usual every day i would be browsing my daily read blogs and was surprised by the news.. whatever it is, they both looked so happy and glowing. congrats to both dr sheikh and dr halina :) hmmm and he is so darn good looking!!! ....*me drooling*...  p/s: blogging while waiting for my meeting to start... where are all these people???? haiishhh...

p/s: tgk dia 2 org ni mcm seth tan dgn nora elena pulak... handsome & lawa ... *sigh*... :)

blogging on hold

i wanna write about my experience at CIMB stesen sentral this morning, but i wanna rush home for cinta melodi...ermmm.. later tonight lah i update.. okay... :)

am i busy or busybody?

that was how i felt when i came into the office this morning... i just felt okay.. i did not sleep like that.. :P now dont get all these funny ideas.. :P
and this was my transformation towards the evening... but alhamdulillah i managed to get around it and conquer!! 

new handbags uploaded

since tengah sale ni kan... lets go!!!

project aware - beach clean up: redang island 9th july - 11th july 2011

okay... this is a part of work ;) taking this chance to shout in here!! the posting is gonna be a bit formal coz copy paste ok... briefly, few of us in the office, the divers gang - lead by our project director ir ezham abd khalid will be organizing this.. :) confirm best and enjoy punye lah!!  venue:  Redang Kalong Resort, Redang Island, Terengganu date:  9th July - 11th July 2011

Rate: (3 days 2 nights) [inclusive food, accommodation, goodies, participation certificate & diving activities at Redang Kalong Resort]
Quad Sharing: Diver: RM500/person Non-Diver: RM380/person
Triple Sharing: Diver: RM670/person Non-Diver: RM510/person
Terms & Condition applies. Please contact me for details. First come first served basis.  Corporate sponsors: RM2,000 minimum and send 2 divers for free :) 

stress kah aku?

errmmm not really... personally i dont feel it that much. its normal for some work stress. i guess its more on personal thingy. if you know how to divide your time, it should be fine.. ni dok mainnnn jer... hehhehe :D bukan main, cuma banyak sangat nak tolong orang. serba salah dibuatnya. ok ..ok... settle kerja dulu... nanti update eh... tunggguuu....

samsung galaxy tab promo - june 2011

i was having breakfast with joelis when i saw the advertisement in the star newspaper. samsung galaxy tab for rm399??? wahhh... just last 2 weekends we were at wwm and the price was rm1500 +-.. so i thought it was a good deal for which i am sure there'd be t&c.. i smsed kaiser and told him about it. 
in summary: we both went to jusco aeon.. to u mobile shop to check it out. i had to explain again to kaiser as he did not get it first.. the salesgirl was very patient and helpful :) after explaining and comparing and asking.. kasier decided to get one for himself :) and getting one too for me for my early bday pressie... yeyyy... :) but... errmm let me see first his usage. :P anyway, it was the best for us so far... and kaiser can use back his old number alto he needs to change his service provider ;) 
and owhh... if you wanna get this promo too, go to u-mobile at aeon jusco, taman keramat and see ms wahidah, she is very helpful. cheyyy as if i get commission for promoting.. but he…

happy fathers' day ayah :)

my dad is mohamed kalam abdul salam.. and he was very fierce. [i wrote was because he is not fierce anymore :P]  in fact both of my parents are very strict. my dad was also a hot tempered person. i remembered when i was still in school, every time before exam, my dad will start revising with us, my elder sister, N1 and i :) and i hated the times for science and maths coz that was his specialty. some of the things that i still remembered until now was when he asked, "what is the meaning of larut" in science and all my answers were wrong to him... he would ask about sifir which i hated too! :P
my dad travels but not so much.. every school holidays, he never fails to bring the family for a vacation. and my fav destination was port dickson :) and that is why until now the tradition is still on :) my dad loves fishing. he will go out to the sea, catch some fish and my mom will cook :) he taught all of us sisters how to swim in the sea. i would  stand on his shoulder and jump in th…

what is a surrogate mother? asked joey...

yeuppp... its joey's time again. he really has these kinda questions.. and me being me, never hide the truth.. ;) coz i believe kids deserve to know the truth - just the way you explain it is the challenging part... lets hear it now! ;)  joey asked in the car yesterday as i was driving to my parents' house to send him after sending lisa to school. joey had a bad flu, so i decided to give him a day off ;) well, better then letting him spreading the germs to his friends, right? i am a responsible mom, you know.. hehehe :D dont get angry...dont get angry.. :P 
joey: ma what is the meaning of surrogate mother? me: huh..?? whoaa... joey: yeahh..  me: hmmmm.. *paused to think of the best possible way to explain* :P joey: maa? me: okay... its errmm.. ibu tumpang.. joey: huuh?? me: okay.. lets say a couple  if they cannot have a baby, they get a woman to have the baby for them. *somehow i know this explanation will get tougher* joey: but how? me: hmmm ok, they joined the 'benih' and it&#…

finally has space to breathe!

if you remember my posting below.. now i am relieved. feeling much better as some of the tasks are done.
approval memo [90% done] yes!!!budget [submitted 1st draft] yeaaahhhhaaaacafe stuff [promotion, org chart, flyer] ~ sorry ma... but i cant put these on the top of the list :( [showed my mom.. she's kinda happy with it, but needed to change somemore..]resume [now i need to put this the least when it was the top priority :(] [not looking at this just yet.. only after i am done with the above, but before EK leaves :P ahakss... ]

zipp it!

was out for lunch.. and hated myself for being who i am right now.. and i really hope it is on temporary basis. i was not like this before. i realized that i have changed. i know there must be something in life that i am not satisfied with that i became like this. it is not good ein. it is the wrong aura. astaghfirullahalazim. i am afraid of myself now and very sad with changes. if you know what i mean.., i want you to know that i do not like the changes either :(


just finished event meeting... gotta run...!!! not really literally running ... but gotta move!!! according to priority :p

approval memobudgetcafe stuff [promotion, org chart, flyer] ~ sorry ma... but i cant put these on the top of the list :(resume [now i need to put this the least when it was the top priority :(]
p/s: just realized that i am actually updating my 'work' stuff... daammnnnn... :p


ya Allah ya Tuhanku - bantu lah aku... bantu lah kembali kan my mood untuk bekerja ni.. :( omg... buntu betul selagi project ni tak jalan - selagi tu lah batu jemala patik seakan akan frozen mcm lagu madonna tu... me...

p/s: chopp... tak bermakna aku tak buat kerja eehh... aku buat tau, cuma tak sepantas enjin jet turbo la kerja aku.. agak agak enjin pesawat macam pergi pulau tioman tu je.. :P ihikkk...

live life today to the fullest - appreciate your loved ones, forgive their mistakes

i was blog walking [was that the term? :p] and i found this touching story... benci tau.. tak pasal2 nangis.. :'( it is rather long, but please read through. once in a while you just need to be reminded. i added some pictures into the story :) i dont quite like the ending but just read lah... 
This is for all the single, married, divorced, widowed individuals, who take life for granted. Please, read this story until the end, it is such an opener.

You never Know.........!

Just two years after our marriage, hubby brought up the idea of asking Mother to move from the rural hometown and spend her remaining years with us. Hubby's father passed away while he was still very young. Mother endured much hardship and struggled all on her own to provide for him, see him through to a university degree. You could say that she suffered a great deal and did everything you could expect of a woman to bring hubby to where he is today. I immediately agreed and started packing the spare room, which…