Saturday, May 21, 2011

Why People are Buying Silver Now! (At $40-50/oz., it's better than all the alternatives!) -

In April, we had a record month in buying and selling silver and gold. Business volume increased 57% over our prior month's record.
Many customers are walking in, and saying, "I need silver." Not "I'd like to buy". Not "I want". But "I need."
Most of our customers mention that they are aware of the recent government budget battle and near shutdown of the government. People are aware that the government's budget is short by $1.6 trillion, which is $1600 billion dollars-- that they are printing, to meet the "need," and yet, the political parties were arguing over a mere $30 billion difference. (And yet, investment demand for silver stands at a paltry 250 million oz., at $50/oz, which is a mere $12.5 billion.) Our customers are aware that there is zero political will (neither among the politicians, nor among the population) to even remotely fight for something close to a balanced budget for nearly the next two years, until after the next election in the fall of 2012. They say it would be one thing, if the budget fight was whether to cut $500 billion to $700 billion from the budget, but it was nothing like that. They are aware that the current crop of politicians are so weak, and so ineffectual, even with the new tea party tax cutters in office, that inflation is guaranteed for the next two years or many more. People are aware that the entitlement mentality in America is now so strong, and since so many people are "on the dole" from the government, that they will likely continue to vote for more government spending for decades to come.
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Why People are Buying Silver Now! (At $40-50/oz., it's better than all the alternatives!) -

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