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this not nice feeling

by - May 18, 2011

i had ice cream yesterday.. been craving for it.. and when that happens, i know i am stressed. i am sort of having this conflict with my mom. *sigh* something about business decision that i do not agree with. my mom is a risk taker but i feel that at her age right now, she should NOT be doing it that way? and if anything happen, how will she get back her money? she is not working anymore..and she is not perfectly well in terms of health. i am really frustrated and disappointed with her decision. but what else can i say? if she is not taking our advice into account, why bother asking at the first place. kids are around to advice based on experience and knowledge. we just dont want her to be in trouble in future or letting some people taking advantage of her. hmmmpph... perhaps this could be the reason that contributes to my stress and sadness? uummpphh... perhaps.. i dont know..

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