Friday, May 20, 2011

thank you Allah

alhamdulillah my new car is in my hand after waiting for a long time ;) heeheh :D physically it was received about 3 weeks ago but i was away for jakarta/bandung, then i wanted the car to be polished and steamed wash? after waiting... and cannot wait anymore, i finally received my new babe!

quite a few adjustment needed to be done like, kids have to put their bags in the boot, learning on things in the car, which joey got most of it. kaiser has not been in my car yet... coz the 1st day i got it, he came home late. and i was in bed... and last night i wanted to take him out for supper but he was wet due to the rain, and i guess it was getting late (after 1030pm). so i ended up sleeping :P hemmm..

this morning it is much better. enjoying my new babe... smooth ride, fast and felt hmmm i am not sure how else to describe but different :)) and smiling to my ears... alhamdulillah... thank you Allah... i got my first beemer at the age of 38.5.. hahahah :D  and insyaAllah more rezqi is coming our way. 

funny part: was when i didnt know how to open the rear boot.. hehehe :D now i know, i have to unlock the whole car to open the rear boot manually, otherwise i can use the button underneath, near the steering ;) 

need adjustment: 
  • less spacious then my citra. 
  • during reverse, i have to get used to just the sound and no more distance indicator like citra [that i missed :( ]
  • no eating in the car :P for now... hahahaha :D
  • no speed auto lock, need to press the button near the gear box.

other than that, i am enjoying it and getting to know my new babe... ;) my intention is to share and celebrate my own achievement and i hope my readers will read it as so, and be happy for me :) and again alhamdulillah.
20 may 2011: when i took the girls out for lunch ;)