Friday, May 6, 2011

Restoran Kg Daun - Bandung ~ my personal review

this was my ermmm 3rd visit to bandung. so far, can never get bored in bandung. its just like balik kg for me :) i will leave all the story-mory in my next posting. now i am gonna write a review on a restaurant there. my visit this time, i was not so looking forward for any food places.. simply because i cannot eat!! huwaaa... but this restaurant was already in my sister's list (N1), recommended by her friend. so that day, instead of eating somewhere near bandung city... we drove extra of 30 minutes to the place... and.. no regrets my friend!! the food was yummy!! and i had my 1st rice after 6 days without rice! pergghhh... heaven!!
  • date of visit: 29th Apr 2011
  • location: Bandung, Indonesia [pls google for complete address.. hehehe ]
  • place: parking was easy, but gotta take ticket to enter.
  • decor: relax, ala2 wakaf. very nice.
  • cleanliness: clean.
  • service: quiet fast and efficient. 
  • price: RM250++/-. for 6 of us. not bad at all.
  • food: sup buntut, grilled gurame, tempe goreng + sambal kicap, gurame chilli, gado2, nasi kukus, fettucini.
will i recommend people to go there? yes!!! you will not regret, but go on weekdays.. as on weekend the traffic will be bad.