Thursday, May 19, 2011

it was a good day!

and as asked yesterday so that today becomes a better day, God granted my wish :) alhamdulillah. picked up my new car yesterday. it was really funny this morning when i was learning to adjust myself to the new car.. it is smaller compared to my mini mpv.. kids will need to put their bags and stuffs in the boot, which they have started to complain. and i did not know how to open up the boot and joey helped me to do that. heh heh :D the girls arrived late to school, i am sorry girls :( i got to the office around 750am when usually i will arrive at 730am. so, today i did not sleep - went straight upstairs and get some things done, checking email etc etc..

had a morning meeting... continued with a discussion till almost lunch time. went to stesen to color my hair as they are getting shiny already :P hey.. i have to look presentable for my 3pm hi-tea with tnb. :) then later i met my car's ex-owner to get some document when i was thinking that AS might be in his office in klcc. so i just gave him a call.. and walllaa... he was still in the office. after that we had a drink at dome.. catching up... checking on vacancies at his company and also discussed some other openings in other companies. :p

by 7pm, i got ready to go home.. traffic was bad on the elevated highway and i had to make a quick stop at my friend's shop to take the car's road-tax :P hahaha :D yeah.. i was driving without a road-tax.. ihikk... 

and now i am sleepy already... zzzzzzzzzz good night everyone.. another great day awaits for me tomorrow coz i need to finish up my project negotiation - at least ;) *wink*


irasilver said...

Congrats kak ain!!! Eiii tak sabar nak naik ni!