Friday, May 27, 2011

friday challenge :P

why is it that whenever my mind thinks of something.. later, in some magical mysterious way, something will happen to make whatever that i was thinking to actually happen.. do you get what i mean? is it complicated? i told joelis a story (true story) about what happened on the road few years back.. but errmm.. i will get to that in a different posting lah. today i wanna write about today.. the process of learning my new baby... remember when i mentioned about full medical check up? did that last wednesday, somehow the mechanic where i sent my baby said problem solved.. they changed some wear and tear stuff which i was okay with it... assuming that the main problem / reason that i send my baby there is solved. nothing serious said the original owner.. so i believed him :P hehehe :D i wasnt worried at all.. to me, my baby is still new... looked and the driving condition was like 85% brand new car except a quite older model of course.. anyway, to cut story short, the main issue was not settled.. and this morning, i had to stop by the roadside coz the temp shot up to max heat.. i called up my friend SZ to send the girls to school, call my dad to let him know and smsed kaiser.. a few mintues later, SZ arrived with her sexy red VW golf.. [another car that i lurve :P] and saved the kids..hehehe :D kaiser called just before that and planned to send me to my office. but somehow when he arrived, i dont think i should go straight to my office for some 'emergency' reason.. ihik... so, he sent me to my parents' place.. yik yak a bit with my mom... entertained my niece.. and my dad sent me to lrt station after spending time having breakfast with them.. :) and now.. i hope the mechanic has picked up my poor baby... 
dont worry... mommy will take good care of you :) :*