Sunday, May 15, 2011

the conversation - if only..

i am living in an area where there are quite a number of mat salleh around. which is not bad at all, as kaiser wont feel so alone or left out. anyway.. with having mat sallehs around who marries asian, and most of them malays, there are a few beautiful kids playing in the evening. and today, lisa was saying about this kid on the bicycle and later she was walking near our house..

lisa: hey..
me: what? hmm... boy or girl?
lisa: girl la ma.. she's beautiful.
me: yeahh.. when you marry a mat salleh you will get beautiful kids like that lah.. (while looking at kaiser :P)
kaiser: yeahh.. but you already have 2 beautiful kids behind there.. that's enough..
me: yes, i know lah they are beautiful..

and changed the topic..

me: okay kids, please help unloading the groceries from the car.. thank you...

and all of us, out of the car as we've reached our home sweet home :))