Friday, May 27, 2011

car parts: learning process

its getting pretty interesting. err.. not that i am like encouraging it but i am learning more about car parts with my new baby now. so, heres the story.. the mechanic took my baby and open up.. fuuhh... sound so .. i dont know what... LOL :D.. anyway... he told me that i need to change the spare tank and thermostat valve..coz both kaput..  i was like, what the heck.. and when i asked on the price.. hmmm :P so, i remembered the old owner informed me about a place where i can get spare parts for the car and much cheaper... true enough... guess what?? i saved rm450!!!! isnt that wonderful??? and thanks to my darling kaiser who was willing to send me to get the parts.. and sent it to the workshop :)

so heres how they look like ;)
thermostat valve
spare tank