Tuesday, May 24, 2011

braces, dentist and i

must be really tiring reading about me and my braces huh? hehehe :D and imagine i am the one who has to go through all these. well, no pain no gain, people say.. so this is the part and parcel wanting to be better? :P ahakss... anyway, last week i did an early maintenance for my braces. somehow a day after i felt uncomfortable somewhere near my gums from the inside. there's something sharp poking. and yesterday at the office, i felt my tongue hurts.. and when i checked there was a cut and soon to be ulcer. and i saw there is a sharp something poking out of my gums. looked like tooth... cannot be a tooth?? already pulled that one out. could it be balance?? or maybe a bit of the bones? (tulang rahang).. i had a bit of that at the front side of the gums and my doctor already cut it off last saturday. hmm..

so this morning, paid him a visit again at the clinic... i was afraid that he was gonna cut my gums... hmmm when he said, 'nurse, spray please' i went....'arrghhh...' and he took it out.. i saw it on the tray, it was cebisan tulang.. gggrr... and now i feel much better.. but need to be on pain killer for a while :)