Monday, May 30, 2011

prema yin's video - marilah

i dont know who the hell is this prema yin... 

reading beautiful nara's blog pulled me to write these comments on the video done. i am not in the art industry hence my comments is based on me being the audience of the video. read the director's excuses to direct such a video. it was all lame excuses, looks like excuses yang macam dah tak tau nak cakap apa. memang tah apa2. lets just summarize it lah. nak ckp banyak2 pun letih.. 

  • i kinda like her kind of music. (and thats it) :P
  • kununnya lagu tu pasal suami isteri yang dok berbalah pasal ego masing2. people, please go and find the lyric of the song 'marilah' - and clearly tak de kaitan dengan perhubungan laki bini. i found it just now but had problem to paste it here, so now malas nak cari balik. 
  • kalau betul pasal laki bini, at least in the video clip, start la intro to show that they are actually laki bini.
  • agreed on few comments in BN's blog that kut ye pun, bini tak yah la buat aksi2 kunun nak sexy tapi sexy tak menjadik kat depan fridge tu. 
  • apa ke jadah dok melingkor atas lantai kat dapur. and how she's doing it, and the dance in the kitchen was awful. she was trying to be sexy but it didnt happened? :o like duuhhhh... silly.. i was ashamed and embarrassed even by just watching it.
  • the video looked more like the couple who watched a cheap sex video and trying to act like how they do it in another video. 
  • please laa... if you wanna dressed up like that in a video clip, at least ensure that you are really slim and have a very nice figure.. otherwise, you'll look really huduh okay.. 
  • dance move needs to be improved. 
conclusion: all the acts tak kena with the song at all. tak de kaitan langsung whatsoever.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

bila mama sedih

mama sedih lagi malam ni. mama sedih walaupun bila mama nak tulis semua ni. mama tau, kakak dah semakin besar. mama mula menaip ni pun air mata mama dah bergenang... tapi mama kena taip jugak supaya mama rasa lebih lega. mama cuma ada kakak dengan adik.. sekarang, mama masih boleh manja2 dengan adik. adik masih nak layan mama bila kakak tak nak layan mama. atau mama tau bukak kakak sengaja tak nak layan mama, tapi kakak tengah sibuk di awang-awangan. kakak tengah seronok dengan kawan2. mama cuma rindu masa mama masih boleh borak2 dengan kakak. dan sekarang air mata mama mengalir lagi.

hari tu mama sedih bila kakak lebih percaya apa orang lain kata daripada dengar dari mulut mama. tapi itu hal lain, hal tu dah berlalu. kakak dah tanya mama dan mama pun dah jelaskan. tapi dari riak muka kakak, mama tau kakak masih tak puas hati. mama faham sekarang kakak rasa mama tak faham apa perasaan kakak. kakak rasa mama cuba nak halang apa2 yang kakak nak buat. tapi kakak juga kena faham, bukan semua yang kakak buat tu betul. memang tugas mama untuk bagitahu apa yang betul dan apa yang salah. mama cakap semua tu sebab mama sayang dengan kakak. mama tak nak kakak buat silap.malam tu bila kakak marah2 mama, mama sedih sangat. mama turun bawah dan nangis. papa tertanya2 kenapa mama nangis. mama tak boleh nak cerita sebab mama sedih sangat2. papa terus ambik bantal kecik suruh mama baring dekat dengan papa kat sofa dan papa peluk mama. walaupun papa bukan orang melayu, tapi papa pun risau dengan perubahan kakak. papa pun rindu dengan kakak yang dulu. yang ceria dan manja dengan papa.

selepas hari itu, sedih mama masih ada lagi. mama tak pandai nak berlakon. bila mama tegur kakak, kadang2 kakak rasa macam semua yang kakak buat tak betul. bukan macam tu maksud mama. kadang2 mama diam aja.. mama fikir macam2. bila mama sedih, adik rajin layan mama. tapi kadang2 adik pun merajuk jugak sebab bila adik cakap dengan mama, mama macam tak dengar. bukan mama tak dengar, kadang2 adik suka cakap tak bukak mulut.. hehehe :D mama tak faham :P

dan tadi papa ajak keluar makan. walaupun mama dah masak dan semua orang dah makan :P papa masih tak kenyang.. hehehe :D adik masih melekat kat depan tv. mula2 mama ingat papa ajak makan dekat kedai makan yang biasa kita pergi, tapi bila papa kata nak pergi kedai makan yang ada pasta sedap tu, mama rasa, anak2 mesti nak ikut. mama ajak adik.. adik kata okay.. mama ajak kakak, kakak tak nak pergi. mama sedih lagi. sekarang kalau nak keluar sama2 satu keluarga, kakak lebih suka tak ikut. kalau kakak ikut pun, kakak lebih sibuk dengan telefon dari betul2 berada bersama2 dengan kami. mama merajuk lagi malam ni. masa mama keluar rumah, mama tak rasa nak tengok muka kakak sebab mama sedih sangat.

sebelum balik rumah, mama beli roti sebab mama tau esok kawan2 kakak nak datang rumah. hmmm mama kena masak makan tengahari lebih sikit.. bila mama balik tadi, mama tengok lampu bilik kakak masih terang, tapi mama tak masuk pun. mama lepak dulu kat bilik... tak lama lepas tu baru mama masuk bilik kakak. kakak dah tidur... mula2 mama nak masih merajuk, mama tak nak cium kakak macam biasa. tapi... tak boleh. mama tak boleh tidur tanpa cium anak2 mama terlebih dulu.. jadi, mama masuk jugak bilik kakak dan cium kakak banyak kali - sebab mama rindu dengan kakak. esok pagi mama akan buatkan pancake yang kakak minta haritu.

lepas tu mama masuk bilik adik pulak. :) adik masih tidur2 ayam.. sebab adik belum solat isya'. mesti tak boleh tidur lena :) mama pun peluk adik. dan kacau adik lagi. tak lama lepas tu, adik bangun tukar baju tidur dan solat isya'. adik baru masuk bilik balik lepas jenguk mama taip ni semua :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

car parts: learning process

its getting pretty interesting. err.. not that i am like encouraging it but i am learning more about car parts with my new baby now. so, heres the story.. the mechanic took my baby and open up.. fuuhh... sound so .. i dont know what... LOL :D.. anyway... he told me that i need to change the spare tank and thermostat valve..coz both kaput..  i was like, what the heck.. and when i asked on the price.. hmmm :P so, i remembered the old owner informed me about a place where i can get spare parts for the car and much cheaper... true enough... guess what?? i saved rm450!!!! isnt that wonderful??? and thanks to my darling kaiser who was willing to send me to get the parts.. and sent it to the workshop :)

so heres how they look like ;)
thermostat valve
spare tank

friday challenge :P

why is it that whenever my mind thinks of something.. later, in some magical mysterious way, something will happen to make whatever that i was thinking to actually happen.. do you get what i mean? is it complicated? i told joelis a story (true story) about what happened on the road few years back.. but errmm.. i will get to that in a different posting lah. today i wanna write about today.. the process of learning my new baby... remember when i mentioned about full medical check up? did that last wednesday, somehow the mechanic where i sent my baby said problem solved.. they changed some wear and tear stuff which i was okay with it... assuming that the main problem / reason that i send my baby there is solved. nothing serious said the original owner.. so i believed him :P hehehe :D i wasnt worried at all.. to me, my baby is still new... looked and the driving condition was like 85% brand new car except a quite older model of course.. anyway, to cut story short, the main issue was not settled.. and this morning, i had to stop by the roadside coz the temp shot up to max heat.. i called up my friend SZ to send the girls to school, call my dad to let him know and smsed kaiser.. a few mintues later, SZ arrived with her sexy red VW golf.. [another car that i lurve :P] and saved the kids..hehehe :D kaiser called just before that and planned to send me to my office. but somehow when he arrived, i dont think i should go straight to my office for some 'emergency' reason.. ihik... so, he sent me to my parents' place.. yik yak a bit with my mom... entertained my niece.. and my dad sent me to lrt station after spending time having breakfast with them.. :) and now.. i hope the mechanic has picked up my poor baby... 
dont worry... mommy will take good care of you :) :*

Thursday, May 26, 2011

a new club member

officially i am a club member today :P hahahah :D i read through the forum.. i tell you the members...giler babas punyer beemer fanatic whoaaa... !!! scarry dowh... but me? hehehe :D gua low profile.. not really sure why i ended buying a beemer but i guess if sub consciously it is in your mind.. you will get it eventually?? just that yearsssss before, i wanted a 2-door coupe bmw... but of course i was single when i had that thought.. now i am with 2 beautiful kids who loves to argue on who gets to sit infront. so... 4-door is the best choice!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

me, kaiser & our new toy story :P

i was thinking of blogging this when i was in the lrt on the way to fetch my car from the workshop. you may be asking, why is my car in the workshop when i just bought it. well, i bought a used car, so, i will feel much better if i were to send it for a full medical check up. it has been a good car to drive, cant say great yet coz i have not driven it for long distance. but .. yeahh... it is a good car ;) if you know what i mean. :P ahakss.. 

got a call from the workshop telling me that my car is ready.. so since its lunch time, i get the chance to pick it up. waited for kaiser to send me there coz otherwise i might need to take a cab. so while waiting for kaiser, i had my lunch at the nearby cafe - alone :) luckily i had joey's ipad to accompany me in the lrt and at the cafe. yey! since my mouth still hurts from the new cuts and bruises + i did not want to have too heavy lunch to prepare myself for netball training, i just had white rice + mushroom soup and fried egg.. ermm.. i was hoping for a different kind of mushroom but instead it was the button mushroom.. cheh... total that i spend was rm15 with drink... pergghh... kaiser was shocked! :P hahaha :D no,  i am not gonna do a review about the cafe coz i am not in the mood for that. and plus my order was too simple - cant expect more :P

this is the model - modenas elegan 200
after food, went to the workshop with kaiser's new scooter.. hehehe :D cannot la just me have a new toy... hubby also must have a new toy.. hahah :D so.. yeah he bought a new scooter.. red color this time and bigger than before. it is high.. and when i sit on it, i looked higher laa.. coz i am tall hahahah :D and i can put my arm something like around his neck!! err.. how aahh.. let me let you imagine, when we both sit, his head is at my chest level.. haa.. like that laa.. but i gayat you know.. the scooter was smooth and fast... good lah! :)

the conversation:
kaiser: hmmm my new scooter feels like a bmw!
me: hhehe :D if your new scooter feels like a bmw, so my bmw feels like a ferrari lah!

LOL :D nonetheless.. it was fun riding on your new scooter sayang :*

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

braces, dentist and i

must be really tiring reading about me and my braces huh? hehehe :D and imagine i am the one who has to go through all these. well, no pain no gain, people say.. so this is the part and parcel wanting to be better? :P ahakss... anyway, last week i did an early maintenance for my braces. somehow a day after i felt uncomfortable somewhere near my gums from the inside. there's something sharp poking. and yesterday at the office, i felt my tongue hurts.. and when i checked there was a cut and soon to be ulcer. and i saw there is a sharp something poking out of my gums. looked like tooth... cannot be a tooth?? already pulled that one out. could it be balance?? or maybe a bit of the bones? (tulang rahang).. i had a bit of that at the front side of the gums and my doctor already cut it off last saturday. hmm..

so this morning, paid him a visit again at the clinic... i was afraid that he was gonna cut my gums... hmmm when he said, 'nurse, spray please' i went....'arrghhh...' and he took it out.. i saw it on the tray, it was cebisan tulang.. gggrr... and now i feel much better.. but need to be on pain killer for a while :) 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

fulfilled weekend

started early on a saturday.. to send my new car to the workshop for a 'medical check up' :P and see the life of the tyres. was thinking of changing the rims actually but since joey said it looked nice.. just could not change it pulak. hmm see la how.. then hmmm what did i do aahh?? oh yess... i went to the dentist, to change my braces' wire.. the one that came off last week.. *blush* and the handsome doctor was there too..! hahaha :D errmm back to my car, turned out my car is fine.. the mechanic was quite impressed with the condition. it was indeed a good buy :) 

then i came home with my mom's maid to help clean up joelis' wardrobe. and that night i cooked dinner. went out with joey to get some groceries. i cooked steamed fish fillet, chicken with soya sauce and steamed pak choy :) hmmm yummy.. 

i am sleepy right now and sticky ... gotta finish this posting quick.. :P i have been exploring my car for the past few days and enjoying it every minute ;) tried the manual gear... oh yeaah... fuel expenses increases by about rm50 a week.. whoopss... but ok lah.. 

and tonight i had pecal and no exercise... :P why am i just blabbering today..?? no system at all in this posting..

owhh we played bowling since kaiser was free from 1pm to 6pm... ended his class was cancelled till 8pm.. hmm.. should have watched nur kasih the movie.. i scored the highest!!  yey!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

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read more through the link below:

Why People are Buying Silver Now! (At $40-50/oz., it's better than all the alternatives!) -

come back to to start saving through silver now, you will not regret it!

Friday, May 20, 2011

thank you Allah

alhamdulillah my new car is in my hand after waiting for a long time ;) heeheh :D physically it was received about 3 weeks ago but i was away for jakarta/bandung, then i wanted the car to be polished and steamed wash? after waiting... and cannot wait anymore, i finally received my new babe!

quite a few adjustment needed to be done like, kids have to put their bags in the boot, learning on things in the car, which joey got most of it. kaiser has not been in my car yet... coz the 1st day i got it, he came home late. and i was in bed... and last night i wanted to take him out for supper but he was wet due to the rain, and i guess it was getting late (after 1030pm). so i ended up sleeping :P hemmm..

this morning it is much better. enjoying my new babe... smooth ride, fast and felt hmmm i am not sure how else to describe but different :)) and smiling to my ears... alhamdulillah... thank you Allah... i got my first beemer at the age of 38.5.. hahahah :D  and insyaAllah more rezqi is coming our way. 

funny part: was when i didnt know how to open the rear boot.. hehehe :D now i know, i have to unlock the whole car to open the rear boot manually, otherwise i can use the button underneath, near the steering ;) 

need adjustment: 
  • less spacious then my citra. 
  • during reverse, i have to get used to just the sound and no more distance indicator like citra [that i missed :( ]
  • no eating in the car :P for now... hahahaha :D
  • no speed auto lock, need to press the button near the gear box.

other than that, i am enjoying it and getting to know my new babe... ;) my intention is to share and celebrate my own achievement and i hope my readers will read it as so, and be happy for me :) and again alhamdulillah.
20 may 2011: when i took the girls out for lunch ;) 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

it was a good day!

and as asked yesterday so that today becomes a better day, God granted my wish :) alhamdulillah. picked up my new car yesterday. it was really funny this morning when i was learning to adjust myself to the new car.. it is smaller compared to my mini mpv.. kids will need to put their bags and stuffs in the boot, which they have started to complain. and i did not know how to open up the boot and joey helped me to do that. heh heh :D the girls arrived late to school, i am sorry girls :( i got to the office around 750am when usually i will arrive at 730am. so, today i did not sleep - went straight upstairs and get some things done, checking email etc etc..

had a morning meeting... continued with a discussion till almost lunch time. went to stesen to color my hair as they are getting shiny already :P hey.. i have to look presentable for my 3pm hi-tea with tnb. :) then later i met my car's ex-owner to get some document when i was thinking that AS might be in his office in klcc. so i just gave him a call.. and walllaa... he was still in the office. after that we had a drink at dome.. catching up... checking on vacancies at his company and also discussed some other openings in other companies. :p

by 7pm, i got ready to go home.. traffic was bad on the elevated highway and i had to make a quick stop at my friend's shop to take the car's road-tax :P hahaha :D yeah.. i was driving without a road-tax.. ihikk... 

and now i am sleepy already... zzzzzzzzzz good night everyone.. another great day awaits for me tomorrow coz i need to finish up my project negotiation - at least ;) *wink*

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

this not nice feeling (part II)

i think my mom knows that i am upset with her decision. yesterday was a public holiday, later in the evening i went to her house but i stayed downstairs.. and then i went to the grandchildren's room and tried to sleep. i did not went to actually see her. i just couldnt coz i was sad and felt being ignored. only later on i just hang around near but still could not start a conversation with my mom. then later she started some small talk. i became like a parrot.. one question, one answer. hmmm and today, i tried to talk more.. she responded but somehow i felt that she felt guilty. i helped her creating some form for her cafe. *sigh*... i hope tomorrow will be a better day.

this not nice feeling

i had ice cream yesterday.. been craving for it.. and when that happens, i know i am stressed. i am sort of having this conflict with my mom. *sigh* something about business decision that i do not agree with. my mom is a risk taker but i feel that at her age right now, she should NOT be doing it that way? and if anything happen, how will she get back her money? she is not working anymore..and she is not perfectly well in terms of health. i am really frustrated and disappointed with her decision. but what else can i say? if she is not taking our advice into account, why bother asking at the first place. kids are around to advice based on experience and knowledge. we just dont want her to be in trouble in future or letting some people taking advantage of her. hmmmpph... perhaps this could be the reason that contributes to my stress and sadness? uummpphh... perhaps.. i dont know..

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

cun - the movie

there could be quite a number of people who will not agree with me. but here goes. i watched cun long time ago, i think when the movie just started... went to the cinema with my daughter lisa coz we were accompanying the boys to a movie. so there was only 'cun' available.

it was supposed to be a romantic comedy but when i watched, between Luna (Maya Karin) and Atan (Remy Ishak), there was no chemistry. There was no spark in their eyes.. at least it doesnt move me.. Ryan Hidayat (Jehan Miskin's) acting was boring and Candy (Ning Baizura) was like over acting. Watching both of them was like watching acting on a school stage. the ones that captured my attention was Tom (Faezah Elai) and Tok Chah (Kartina Aziz). when they talk and act, they looked more natural. and when Tom felt sad, it shows.. and it reaches me as an audience.

thats what i think of their acting.. the story? hemmm... let's see.. nothing special i would say.. was it funny? it was done in such a way like maybe typical malay movie.. stupidly funny. was it romantic? it was okay but not to the point that my heart would melt watching. hated the part when they show as tho pemuda kampong is so stupid to be treated like that.

would i recommend for you to watch? well, if you have nothing better to do.. and dont mind paying ticket for it, go ahead.. but if i had other choice, i would not watch.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday, May 15, 2011

the conversation - if only..

i am living in an area where there are quite a number of mat salleh around. which is not bad at all, as kaiser wont feel so alone or left out. anyway.. with having mat sallehs around who marries asian, and most of them malays, there are a few beautiful kids playing in the evening. and today, lisa was saying about this kid on the bicycle and later she was walking near our house..

lisa: hey..
me: what? hmm... boy or girl?
lisa: girl la ma.. she's beautiful.
me: yeahh.. when you marry a mat salleh you will get beautiful kids like that lah.. (while looking at kaiser :P)
kaiser: yeahh.. but you already have 2 beautiful kids behind there.. that's enough..
me: yes, i know lah they are beautiful..

and changed the topic..

me: okay kids, please help unloading the groceries from the car.. thank you...

and all of us, out of the car as we've reached our home sweet home :))

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the pink sage - my personal review

  • date of visit: 8th May 2011 (mothers' day) - tapi tak de promotion pun :P
  • location: The Pink Sage Diner and Pantry, A4-UG-01 Solaris Dutamas, 1 Jln Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. +6016 205 2023
  • place: perhaps can park in the building. parking by the roadside at your own risk! i was given a ticket by DBKL! :P 
  • decor: nice, neat.
  • cleanliness: clean.
  • service: happy with the service, ok lah.
  • price: RM322.60/-. for 7 adults 5 kids.. hemmm... for me, pricey for breakfast!
  • food: you can see the receipt... nothing so special on the taste. 
will i recommend this place to others? hmmm if you feel like having a different kind of breakfast other than malaysian mamak style, yeahh.. why not.. or, if you wanna impress your gf... why not.. :P will i return to this place? errmmm not really. 

my breakfast was the omelette with spinach and salmon