Saturday, April 23, 2011

me ~ iron lady :P

i have been thinking about it for many many years.. when i was much younger.. when i told my mom to have it on, my mom would say, "tak payah cantik2, nanti lupa diri" ... and i remembered that until now.. and i am already a mom. i guess the situation is different now.. i would just say that, "it's expensive sayang.. " which is much easier to swallow :) well anyway... today, i became the iron lady!! hahaha :D LOL... errmm i am also know as 'rimau' in the office so.. what the heck lah.. :P
the day when he made the mold for my teeth pattern :)
after talking to lisa... her opinion was i better have it on when she still has hers on... she has 1 more year to go.. :) so somehow last week, i was at the dentist to send joey. to pull out his tooth.. and when we reached there, lisa was supposed to have her appointment.. i took the opportunity to ask more about having braces :) and that saturday, the doct made a .. what was that called aaa... mold of my teeth pattern.. and so, from there, i decided that i am gonna do it.. was i afraid?? hell yeahhh.. nervous??? yezzzaaa!!!

i had to pull out 3 teeth ... huwaaa... and they are my good teeth!! the first one does not hurt so much.. the jab was more painful than pulling out the tooth. why do i need to pull out? coz needed to make space for my teeth lah... did it on tuesday and thursday...i tell you... on thursday, i had to pull out 2 of my geraham kecil... and that was hell!!! i had slight fever the night before... and a day after... :(( my gums still hurt as i am typing these now :(( i was on soft diet for 2 days... hemmm i wonder if i have lost weight :P hahahah :D

today was the day... i put on the braces!!! :) i was excited and nervous at the same time. nope.. it doesnt hurt at all.. but i felt like all my teeth are heavy :) and at times i can feel the wires err... clashing with my inner lips..  i tried to have roti kosong banjir for lunch... it was okay.. but could not finish it coz it hurts a lil bit.. not due to the braces so much, but the wound from the extraction. and yeahh i am still on pain killer coz the gums and few teeth feels sengal and ngilu... you guys figure out lah what its called in english :P

and few hours back.. we had a great family dinner at an arab restaurant... but i just had soup, omelette and banana shake :) hahaha :D sad?? err not really lah.. coz i know in a month, i can eat the same too.. now its adjusting period.. ;)

below are pictures of the process... err not really a nice view to watch but just in case you are wondering how it was done.. see lah :) in summary... dentist would clean up my teeth, then sort of dry them.. put the glue..then bracket, dry them with the blue light and later put on the wire.. lastly, he asked me to choose the rubber color :) and i chose green coz it looked nice in the earlier box.. heheeh :D

now i feel lazy to talk :P

other option would be veneer.. cheaper and you can have beautiful set of teeth within an hour.. :) just that i felt that i would feel more satisfied with braces :)