How to Stop Braces From Hurting |

oh my... i have been telling myself that it'll over soon.. somehow the pain made me felt like..ergghh i should have done this long time ago and get it done and over with! the pain is more due to the earlier extraction of 3 teeth. my gums are sore.. i cannot really eat.. though i did went to sushi king yesterday because i was so damn hungry!! :(( ended up eating salmon only.. and mashed potato. hmmm... it is only on the 2nd day.. huwaaa... the metals are poking all over my mouth and making it difficult for me to talk.. i believe it is just a matter of adjustment... you can do it ein!!! yeaahhhh... and i was looking for a way to reduce the pain, and found this.. :)) yeup.. i am on painkiller anyway... and i feel my mouth is dry...

How to Stop Braces From Hurting |


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