Saturday, April 2, 2011

demam af is back!

goshhh it has been years since i last watched/followed af - akademi fantasia... malaysian reality show. right after aznil left as pengacara, malas dah nak ikut.. and this year, aznil is back!! and yey... i am back too.. hehehe :D dengan penuh semangat depan tv, baring atas sofa malam ni. sambil peluk joey.... hehehe :D best best... we had a good time... lisa?? mana lagi kalau tak bertenet dgn internet. and kaiser had a meeting with his prospect in wangsa maju... i wanted to intai the konsert actually but since my day today started as early as 5.30am..on a saturday... when i reached home at 5.30pm.. terus tertido kat sofa sampai senja. :P errmm.. tak mo citer shopping sangat.. although finally i got myself a netbook.. hhehe :D dok recky2 dell lah... toshiba lah.. ended, bought an asus 1015pem :) why did i chose asus? size, weight and performance (kata salesman lah).

okay... back on track... demam af.. hmmm aznil.. is the best!! just love his selamba-ness. and what else.. the students? at first i wanted to comment every one of them, but siapa la aku nak komen sangat kan.. bukan expert pun.. but setakat as a peminat af and penonton konsert.. here are my comments.. kalau ada student yang i missed tu maknanya, diorang tak begitu menonjol di mata ku ;) ewahhh..
here are the af9 students :) photo credit: 
my shortlist.. :) azri.. afif... raqib.. sedap dan lunak suara ... sebutan jelas. :) tapi yang first attract my attention was azri lah.. there was something about him.. ehemm.. mcm pengkritik lah.. amir, masa mula2 tengok, nothing special, personality pun takde, sgt biasa.. but lepas perform, ok gak lah... boleh tahan. kay, adik pada diddy... so biasa.. nothing special.. laika & eka pun biasa je.. aida? hmmm boringgg...after 3 concert at most, tersingkir la kut..  lena? 1st impression - sangat gedik... meluat tengok tak boleh dok diam sebelah aznil.. but performance, not bad .. berani and showmanship ada lah... but if pasal undi.. nahhh she'll not get my vote :) miza, suara power... although a lil bit over confidence at times.. tapi tak pe lah.. can see again next concert performance macamana. erul - macam konsert budak sekolah.. tapi dance performance first song tu best :)

so, i guess thats about it... for my 1st posting on af! already told kaiser when he got back from his meeting just now.. from this week onwards, every saturday 9pm - 11pm.. tv is mine!! hahha :D

pengetua BEST GILERR!!! aznil is BACKK!! hopefully mmg meletop lah af9 nihhh.... looking forward for the 1st concert :)


irasilver said...

Kak ain, ok off bout concert! Tp bab netbook! Hey u bought ASUS?! Situation sama i lah! Survey ya ya dell itu ini belakang sambar lain.. hehe..

Ein said...

heheh :D haah... my hubby sampai boring tunggu i nak decide kat situ.. basically suka asus coz 2gb and 320hdisk dia.. compared to dell cuma 2gb and 250hd.. and dell tak leh tambah...