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aku yang serabut

by - April 06, 2011

wahhh pecah record betul... paling banyak posting aku dlm bahasa melayu.. err.. okay lah campur2. harini somehow rasa sangat serabut... kerja berlambak but masih ada masa untuk blogging. kenapa dan bagaimana? hemm time management! hahha :D kalau laki aku baca, sure dia gelak kat aku.. coz to him, he is better in time management. ;) buwwekk...

goshh... better list down what i need to do here.. ikut priority?? uikkk sumer high priority sekarang ni. wanted to jot in my task.. but somehow managed to get them down without doing so.
  • called joey's sch to check on his camping trip, itinerary and timing
  • discuss on crm project with ex-boss
  • key goals and action plan for subs
  • event line up - delegate
  • cash out money for study loan payment
  • netbook
  • upload songs for joelis' ipods - (in process)
  • boxes of xango to send to bandung - bought
  • arrange maid to settle clothes and clean the house
to do list
  • packing for diving
  • packing for joey
  • buy toiletries for joelis and i - for our trip
  • finish up memo
  • website
  • clean up kpi & key goals
  • laundry
  • send invites for xango & auruma
alamakk.... banyak nyaaaa.... pagi tadi sedih sangat... hal kerja la ni.. tapi tak leh tulih sini.. hahha :D but then now dah okey sket kut coz malas nak pikir... focus on kerja jer lah..

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