Tuesday, March 15, 2011

still kejora dan bintang

erlangga - yang comel :)
heh heh :D jangan marah ehhh.... i am so a fan of kejora and bintang sinetron right now.. although the storyline is so slow.. hemmm biasa lah.. they had to make it so very dramatic hence, its slow.. and all the 'geram' ciri2 are there... everything so close yet so far... people and their ego... plus some stupidity that challenges audiences' patience. nevertheless.. i still enjoy watching this everyday, in my mom's tv room :)

and there are people out there who are more into the sinetron. :) check out the link. i guess after this, if i miss any episode, i shall visit his page :)) good effort!

and if you wanna read the synopsis of the sinetron, visit here: