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restoran tanjung seafood & bbq - my personal review

by - March 19, 2011

right now, i am sleepy and tired and have not showered.. hahaha :D but i really wanna blog this! after a great experience at restoran tanjung seafood & bbq, owned by allyn rabiah my senior in school - BBGS that is! ;) i have been wanting to go to her restaurant for weeks.. but can never find the good excuse to eat that much!! yeauppp believe it or not ;) so... in march, my mom's birthday.. i asked her one day if she'd like to have thai seafood to celebrate her birthday. and she said, 'ohh.. thai seafood? i love thai seafood!' and so... there we go! :)

i knew friday evening was not a good time to go through jalan ampang traffic, but we went through it anyway.. i left my office just after 530pm.. rushed home, to pick up my parents, kids and nieces + nephew. i drove my elder sister's naza ria.. hehehe :D feel like driving a bus! kaiser followed later with his scooter after he got back from work. and i tell you now... it was WORTH IT!! :) thumbs up for the food!!
  • date of visit: 18th March 2011
  • location: ampang waterfront 2, ampang. 017-3827864 (Azman).
  • place: parking was easy, just had to go through jalan ampang traffic.
  • decor: simple.
  • cleanliness: clean.
  • service: efficient.. we got our food fast. surprisingly fast :) 
  • price: affordable.. and for 7 adults and 5 kids, the bill was less than rm300 :) i am smiling to my ears!
  • food: finally had my tomyam ekor..sluurppp, tofu, butter prawn-sedap hokayyy, sotong goreng, siakap 3 rasa, kailan with oyster sauce.
will i recommend to my friends and relatives? definitely yesss!! on my next visit, i want to try the chili crab!! my parents love the food.. they said, "masakan dia sedap and cepat betul service dia! cuma ambience dia too simple" and yeah i have been reading review before i came and they really did it... fast and efficient service. and owhh.. my dad said, "owner dia peramah and friendly" :) :) now, enjoy the photos :)
us with the owner, allyn rabiah
joey wants to have his bday party here!

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