Tuesday, March 8, 2011

my day that i took a break

i wanna write about my experience in sunway.. a good massage place.. and about my experience at marie france slimming centre.. errmm what else? gold and silver investment... wowiee.. this is just the thing that you must jump in..right NOW! but.. errmm i wanna sleep :( i was at my mom's house almost the whole day... took the painkiller, pull the blanket and slept in my mom's room :/ hmmm so nice.. but the blardy phone just wont stop ringing!! blardy helloo... dannggg... this car seller is really crap!! when i get the car, i will not want to see his face any more!!!

hmmm now... can i sleep? :) my left eye is pain.. and felt like popping out! :'(