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marriage talk?

by - March 31, 2011

somehow last night's conversation with joey was about marriage relationship. :P it is quite heavy for an 11 year old boy but.. hmm yeahh.. we were actually talking about it.. he was asking about something that is quite personal and i cant write down.. but then again.. here goes:

me: marriage needs work to make it last.
joey: what do you mean work?
me: well, for one thing, the 1st 3 years is about knowing each other.
joey: hmmm?
me: well, since we cannot stay together before marriage... this is the time that we learn about each other. because once you stay together, you will know about that person's personality for eg... your dad... bla bla bla..
joey: and after 3 years, you divorced?
me: no.... not like that... :)
joey: after how many years you guys get a divorce?
me: ermm.. he divorced me on the 9th year of marriage..
joey: hmm woww 9 years?? he divorced you? i thought you divorced him...
me: no lah.. i didnt want a divorce... hmmm ok lah.. i dont like to talk about this la sayang..
joey: hemm ok ma..

and the stories continue how i knew his dad... etc etc.. which is too long for me to type now..and i am so lazy to write so much because i am currently upset.. hence i wanna blog :P

so moral of the story was, i told joey that in a marriage, there should be communication and trust other then tender loving care. however, you do not have to show off that you are a loving couple to the whole world, coz when there is love in you'll shine right out of your face :)) i learnt my lesson through my previous marriage and i didnt like to talk about it. but now i have learned... and actually we both are going through quite an easy process coz we (kaiser & i) have gone through marriage before we met each other. so.. better la.. :)

ermmm wanna sign off now lah... tak de mood.. menyampah... err... so anti-climax je the story kan?? well.. too long la.. it was really interesting actually - the conversation. and joey was not well last night.. he was literally stretching his eye lids to make them stay open listening to my stories.. hahaha :D lol.

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