Tuesday, March 29, 2011

joey and his Kuching trip

Joey will be going to Kuching in May with his school orchestra group. somehow when i wanted to follow, he does not allow me to go.. but last night, was different - this conversation took place in the car.

joey: maa.. remember when i said you cannot come with me to kuching?
me: yeup.
joey: i am sorry i said you cannot go.
me: huh?
joey: yeahh... coz i have the thought that you are going to be with me all the time.
me: lerr... joey, i am not gonna be with you... you'll be with your friends and teachers.
joey: yeah... yeahh.. i know.. now i know you just wanna go to kuching and watch the show.
me: uhuh..
joey: err.. can i be in the room with my friends at the hotel?
me: lerr.. joey, i am not gonna disturb your rooming list... it has been decided by your teacher.
joey: yey...!!
me: but, i dont think i am going lah... coz when you said i cant last time, i have already decided not to go.
joey: hemmmm...