Friday, March 25, 2011

its a great friday!

ya Allah, i have not been an obedient moslem in certain ways hence i have been tested and reminded in Your own special way. please accept my sincere and deepest apology. i accept those challenges and admit my wrong doing and aimed to be a better person [goshh... off late i am so bad at keeping myself disciplined in this area ~ and not proud of myself] perhaps there are some frustration that leads me to this.

for the past few weeks, things are happening around me that made me realize... you know, when all the plans that you do doesnt go as planned, you will just sit down and think where is it that went wrong. every time those challenges came, my thoughts just go back to myself. coz i know damn well, it is on me. it is all my own doing.. but at times, i can just be on denial.

so today, i started to focus back on certain things.. for a start, those pending work is done by 11am today. :) instead of sleeping in my car in the morning... eheheh :D i came to my office at 745am started working at early as 8am. alhamdulillah... its settled.
suunto D4

my friend called me up after being silent assisting me to handle my car issues. alhamdulillah his business is okay and hopefully my issue will be settled soon... i am not gonna push that much just do what i need to do. if Allah swt says its mine, it will eventually be mine :)

i have started to get excited about my 1st diving trip for 2011 this april! got myself (finally) a dive computer - D4 after thinking about this for the past 1 year. looking forward for next gathering of 3 angels - if one of the angels do not back out last minute like what happened last year ;) heheh :D

some disturbing incident when i read a blog some time ago.. somehow, action was taken by the blogger to hide the blog which to me, its too late. a piece of advice to people who is reading or for other bloggers. you can blog whatever you want coz you have the rights but always remember that you take responsibility of what you write and accept the consequences. as for the blogger, it is already in my black book. :) its all recorded in my cpu. hence, no ass kissing is necessary. positive improvements are accepted but it will not be forgotten.

dear friends and colleagues, i can be nice, but dont climb up my head, for whoever is concern. bak kata orang siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas.