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great sunday :)

by - March 14, 2011

march 13th: started off with a date with my mom. i wanted to color my hair - my usual activity every 3 weeks max. :) anyway, this time i wanted to try a new place. so, we went to 'chinta' that belongs to fasha sanda :) conclusion, i am happy with the place. customer service, okay :) friendly staff. i like what the guy did to my hair. price, not bad. reasonable lah.. for me to color the whole hair rm150 and my mom, rm80 touch up - inai. and no extra charge for him to iron my hair... hehehe :D i like..i like... :)) my hair feels soft now even after a normal treatment that comes with the coloring. he asked if i want to do treatment that'll cost me extra rm80 but since i was in a hurry, i cant do it. but maybe, i'll come back for the treatment :)

location: no.33 jalan wangsa delima 13, wangsa link, wangsa maju. [the block in front of maybank]

my mom tgh inai her hair
my before look.. err sorry ye... no after look.. hahah lupa :P
the reception :)
later in the afternoon, bought lunch for joelis... just lauk coz already asked lisa to cook rice at home. joelis were at home with the maid. anyway... lisa as usual with the internet and joey with his ps2... happy already... so next date was with kaiser :)

went to aeon jusco to do my glasses. yeup... been getting migraine a lot, somehow i have aesthic? i dont know lahh.. something to do with silau looking at lappy and driving at night. so... here goes... my 1st glasses after 38 years!! hahah :D 

hahhaha :D mcm cikgu daaaa...
my big baby who gets hungry often!
the pengkid's car yang kurang ajar... white wira

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