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bukan senang jadi boss

by - March 13, 2011

itu bak kata kasar nya lah... kalau nak merendah diri, boleh la kata supervisor... but then again, i worked hard to be where i am. so you people out there, if you feel you are better than me, then... try be in my shoes lah.. agak2 boleh ke angkat ke batu jemala korang? malas nak korek history kisah lama.. but then i just wonder why orang2 zaman sekarang tak reti2 bersyukur.. tau asyik nak mengadu ... nak mengeluh.. and as i mentioned in some posts ago - i rarely talk about my work. but when i got to know that there are people out there starting to say things... i get upset. yes, i have the right to get upset coz, i worked my ass out to be where i am... i dont take leave because i have a lot of work to do. i dont complaint about my boss!! well, and you feel like you wanna take leave, and your job is done, by all means, take leave lah... the harsh way of saying it, "i dont give a shit!" but get your ass on it. whether or not you can take leave... i dont make the blardy rules... there are reasons why the people make such rules... but budak2 zaman sekarang tak tahu di untung.. tak tahu bersyukur that they are in a good company.

i really wanna write about my outing with my mom today, but i guess what i read recently killed my mood. demn-mmit..

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