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7 perhentian - my review

by - March 03, 2011

i am not writing the summary of the movie. i watched the movie accidentally on astro yesterday when i was at my parents' house.and it wasnt my intention to watch the movie at first.. was flipping the channels and since there was nothing else on astro.. 7 perhentian it is! so, what did i think about it? not that it matters so much since i am not in the filming industries but then again, i am merely giving my comments as errr... customer? :P hehhehe :D

the script was lousy.. not realistic.. people do not talk that way. during the questioning by the police, it shows that our police have no 'budi bahasa..' and the acting was lousy too. why cant they make a movie with a normal way of conversation? simply enter people's house without proper warrant? and attacking a civilian with harsh questions without even introducing himself. waheeda speaking in english most of the time, and it felt like has nothing to do with the whole movie story line? farid kamil's acting was funny... over expression.. maybe he was still new at that time. maya karin was cool and so was erra fazira. even vanida imran's acting was out.. hmmm...

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