Thursday, March 31, 2011

marriage talk?

somehow last night's conversation with joey was about marriage relationship. :P it is quite heavy for an 11 year old boy but.. hmm yeahh.. we were actually talking about it.. he was asking about something that is quite personal and i cant write down.. but then again.. here goes:

me: marriage needs work to make it last.
joey: what do you mean work?
me: well, for one thing, the 1st 3 years is about knowing each other.
joey: hmmm?
me: well, since we cannot stay together before marriage... this is the time that we learn about each other. because once you stay together, you will know about that person's personality for eg... your dad... bla bla bla..
joey: and after 3 years, you divorced?
me: no.... not like that... :)
joey: after how many years you guys get a divorce?
me: ermm.. he divorced me on the 9th year of marriage..
joey: hmm woww 9 years?? he divorced you? i thought you divorced him...
me: no lah.. i didnt want a divorce... hmmm ok lah.. i dont like to talk about this la sayang..
joey: hemm ok ma..

and the stories continue how i knew his dad... etc etc.. which is too long for me to type now..and i am so lazy to write so much because i am currently upset.. hence i wanna blog :P

so moral of the story was, i told joey that in a marriage, there should be communication and trust other then tender loving care. however, you do not have to show off that you are a loving couple to the whole world, coz when there is love in you'll shine right out of your face :)) i learnt my lesson through my previous marriage and i didnt like to talk about it. but now i have learned... and actually we both are going through quite an easy process coz we (kaiser & i) have gone through marriage before we met each other. so.. better la.. :)

ermmm wanna sign off now lah... tak de mood.. menyampah... err... so anti-climax je the story kan?? well.. too long la.. it was really interesting actually - the conversation. and joey was not well last night.. he was literally stretching his eye lids to make them stay open listening to my stories.. hahaha :D lol.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

antara dunia & akhirat

somehow rasa macam heavy je posting aku pagi ni. selepas terpukul dengan komen orang yang aku anggap kawan.

semakin lama semakin kerap aku tengok kawan2 pergi menunaikan umrah.. bila tengok rasa seronok. nak jugak menjejakkan kaki aku kat situ. tapi masih belum dapat lagi. insyaallah, satu hari aku pasti ke sana, dengan joelis :) dalam pada itu ada jugak kawan2 yang masih leka dengan duniawi. perrgghhh bahasa... dahsyat. bila dah masuk bab2 gini kena lah pulak pakai bahasa ibunda ye? ehh chop.... aku tak boleh pakai bahasa ibunda aku... kaghang korang sumer lagi tak paham. bahasa ibunda aku, bahasa jawa :)) hehehe :D bila tgk kawan2 yang masih alpa, aku jadi takut... kadang2 aku gitu jugak cuma tidak ke tahap yang keterlaluan gitu (pada penerimaan aku - penerimaan orang mungkin berbeza). igghh... astaghfirullahalazim... ngeri... bila pikir2 balik. dan aku akan terpikir, 'sampai bila diorang nak enjoy macam ni? ermmm agak2 mak bapak diorang tau tak?'  *sigh* entah lah... kadang2 dengan kawan2 sendiri pun tak boleh cakap apa2.. kita tengok saja lah... karang silap2 cakap walaupun nak bagi salam, orang boleh kata kita jaga hal orang... malas nak amik peduli dah... bak kata orang.. kubur masing2... apa2 pun... aku masih perlu memperbaiki diri aku sendiri.. sebab sekarang ni, aku pulak diantara akhirat dan duniawi... errmmm rasanya tak salah kan? beribadat seperti akan mati di keesokan hari, bekerja seperti akan hidup selama2nya :)
insyaAllah aku pasti ke sini

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

just wanna go home

right now, i just wanna be home.. wanna be with joelis. the day started off wrongly i supposed.
  • started off with our event manager who did not do what he was supposed to during our event last year.
  • then i was smashed with a very saddening statement that i am accused of being a busybody [the exact words were more sarcastic] just because i said hi. if friends cannot say hi to each other, then why bother to be friends? anyway, i have already forgiven her... kesian dia...
i just wanna go home now... please.... 

joey and his Kuching trip

Joey will be going to Kuching in May with his school orchestra group. somehow when i wanted to follow, he does not allow me to go.. but last night, was different - this conversation took place in the car.

joey: maa.. remember when i said you cannot come with me to kuching?
me: yeup.
joey: i am sorry i said you cannot go.
me: huh?
joey: yeahh... coz i have the thought that you are going to be with me all the time.
me: lerr... joey, i am not gonna be with you... you'll be with your friends and teachers.
joey: yeah... yeahh.. i know.. now i know you just wanna go to kuching and watch the show.
me: uhuh..
joey: err.. can i be in the room with my friends at the hotel?
me: lerr.. joey, i am not gonna disturb your rooming list... it has been decided by your teacher.
joey: yey...!!
me: but, i dont think i am going lah... coz when you said i cant last time, i have already decided not to go.
joey: hemmmm...

Monday, March 28, 2011

get into gold - azizi ali

found this book at the book store yesterday and i aimed to finish reading it soon... since i am a slow reader... heheh :D cant write a review about this :P coz just started :)) but i am sure, i will learn a lot from him!

so what are you waiting for? :) get your gold and silver here

Friday, March 25, 2011

its a great friday!

ya Allah, i have not been an obedient moslem in certain ways hence i have been tested and reminded in Your own special way. please accept my sincere and deepest apology. i accept those challenges and admit my wrong doing and aimed to be a better person [goshh... off late i am so bad at keeping myself disciplined in this area ~ and not proud of myself] perhaps there are some frustration that leads me to this.

for the past few weeks, things are happening around me that made me realize... you know, when all the plans that you do doesnt go as planned, you will just sit down and think where is it that went wrong. every time those challenges came, my thoughts just go back to myself. coz i know damn well, it is on me. it is all my own doing.. but at times, i can just be on denial.

so today, i started to focus back on certain things.. for a start, those pending work is done by 11am today. :) instead of sleeping in my car in the morning... eheheh :D i came to my office at 745am started working at early as 8am. alhamdulillah... its settled.
suunto D4

my friend called me up after being silent assisting me to handle my car issues. alhamdulillah his business is okay and hopefully my issue will be settled soon... i am not gonna push that much just do what i need to do. if Allah swt says its mine, it will eventually be mine :)

i have started to get excited about my 1st diving trip for 2011 this april! got myself (finally) a dive computer - D4 after thinking about this for the past 1 year. looking forward for next gathering of 3 angels - if one of the angels do not back out last minute like what happened last year ;) heheh :D

some disturbing incident when i read a blog some time ago.. somehow, action was taken by the blogger to hide the blog which to me, its too late. a piece of advice to people who is reading or for other bloggers. you can blog whatever you want coz you have the rights but always remember that you take responsibility of what you write and accept the consequences. as for the blogger, it is already in my black book. :) its all recorded in my cpu. hence, no ass kissing is necessary. positive improvements are accepted but it will not be forgotten.

dear friends and colleagues, i can be nice, but dont climb up my head, for whoever is concern. bak kata orang siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

my thoughts today

as stated in my fb status... i am feeling numb today.. beyond upset. so today.. i am doing some things step by step to settle certain issues.. and this came across my mind.

thank you to my readers for reading and leaving feedbacks, and for giving opinions on what you think of my blog. and somehow, i am also thinking of 'renovating' my blog, giving face lift? :P  - and incorporate my other blogs or at least some summaries of other blogs in here. at the same time promoting kaiser's personal training class. [although his class is already full right now - but hey.. you'll never know, he might squeeze you in somewhere in his schedule].

so stay tune everyone! thanks for visiting :)) love yaahh..

Monday, March 21, 2011

he is special

i went out with a group of guys last weekend to watch my favorite band ,dadza performing in concorde hotel, shah alam. they go to the same gym as my hubby and i. well anyway, right now i am not talking about the band or the outing so much, but more on what we talked about in the car that night.

as usual, i am a bit slow in digesting any questions or comments, and that is why most of the time, i dont get myself involved in any arguments. i'd rather just keep quiet :) well anyway, that night, one of the guys followed our car home and we had this chat... about my german husband :) hehehe :D one of the question was, what is the different to be with a german? my answer at that time, "i don't know, i guess can't really say being with a german is different but with him it's different" and my husband's respond was, "you don't change people, you accept the person as how they are. and that is only fair" and i just nodded and agreed with him.

somehow, i thought about it again last night and this morning on the way to work. kaiser is special to me, as he accepts me as who i am at that moment when he knew me. he doesn't judge me for being a 'divorcee' unlike some people or community.. he accepts me as a mother of 2 beautiful growing kids. and he is aware that my kids are my priority, and he has always put himself after my kids.

i guess that was the answer to my friend's question in the car :)
 May Allah bless our family always.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

restoran tanjung seafood & bbq - my personal review

right now, i am sleepy and tired and have not showered.. hahaha :D but i really wanna blog this! after a great experience at restoran tanjung seafood & bbq, owned by allyn rabiah my senior in school - BBGS that is! ;) i have been wanting to go to her restaurant for weeks.. but can never find the good excuse to eat that much!! yeauppp believe it or not ;) so... in march, my mom's birthday.. i asked her one day if she'd like to have thai seafood to celebrate her birthday. and she said, 'ohh.. thai seafood? i love thai seafood!' and so... there we go! :)

i knew friday evening was not a good time to go through jalan ampang traffic, but we went through it anyway.. i left my office just after 530pm.. rushed home, to pick up my parents, kids and nieces + nephew. i drove my elder sister's naza ria.. hehehe :D feel like driving a bus! kaiser followed later with his scooter after he got back from work. and i tell you now... it was WORTH IT!! :) thumbs up for the food!!
  • date of visit: 18th March 2011
  • location: ampang waterfront 2, ampang. 017-3827864 (Azman).
  • place: parking was easy, just had to go through jalan ampang traffic.
  • decor: simple.
  • cleanliness: clean.
  • service: efficient.. we got our food fast. surprisingly fast :) 
  • price: affordable.. and for 7 adults and 5 kids, the bill was less than rm300 :) i am smiling to my ears!
  • food: finally had my tomyam ekor..sluurppp, tofu, butter prawn-sedap hokayyy, sotong goreng, siakap 3 rasa, kailan with oyster sauce.
will i recommend to my friends and relatives? definitely yesss!! on my next visit, i want to try the chili crab!! my parents love the food.. they said, "masakan dia sedap and cepat betul service dia! cuma ambience dia too simple" and yeah i have been reading review before i came and they really did it... fast and efficient service. and owhh.. my dad said, "owner dia peramah and friendly" :) :) now, enjoy the photos :)
us with the owner, allyn rabiah
joey wants to have his bday party here!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

do not be afraid

i was like that before. before i realized that everyone in this world deserves to be given the chance, the opportunity to become 'a better you' or 'a better me'. :) i was a person who learned through tough experience. i was a happy go lucky person, and i guess i can still be the same. but as you grow older, you know what you want in life and the action moved towards what you want - your vision. hmmm the point is, if you do not give yourself a chance, you will never know. most people that i know, is too afraid, even to learn.

lets talk about gold and silver here. would you know that every one of you can actually afford to own gold and silver for investment purposes? i always have this impression that to own gold you will need a lot of money!! big!! huge amount of money!!! well, the answer to your curiosity, yes you will need those big huge amount of money IF you want to invest in kilos of gold!! but for a start, you can always start small.

i am willing to share this with you, being an investor - who wishes to also see the potential of growing in a business. i was afraid too before BUT i WANT to LEARN MORE. self improvements needs to be continuously. and when i see the chance/opportunity where i can teach people not be afraid anymore, i get excited! i want to make you see... because, you too can have what you want in life, just like me.

so, let's meet up tonight at 8.15pm at Food Court Pavilion Shopping Mall, Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur. and when i say business, i mean business! :)

at the top of my blog, you see a banner. that is what i am talking about. i dont talk crap, i dont waste my time with losers. if you want to improve yourself and be a better person, talk to me. we can do this together. know your potential as i have seen mine.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

still kejora dan bintang

erlangga - yang comel :)
heh heh :D jangan marah ehhh.... i am so a fan of kejora and bintang sinetron right now.. although the storyline is so slow.. hemmm biasa lah.. they had to make it so very dramatic hence, its slow.. and all the 'geram' ciri2 are there... everything so close yet so far... people and their ego... plus some stupidity that challenges audiences' patience. nevertheless.. i still enjoy watching this everyday, in my mom's tv room :)

and there are people out there who are more into the sinetron. :) check out the link. i guess after this, if i miss any episode, i shall visit his page :)) good effort!

and if you wanna read the synopsis of the sinetron, visit here:

rindu setengah mati

*sigh*..... memang tangkap leleh dengar lagu nieh... right now i am listening to this song repeatedly. and watching the drama everyday from 630pm - 730pm is a routine for me and my mom :) and this is the theme song for the drama 'kejora & bintang'

Aku ingin engkau ada disini
menemaniku saat sepi
menemaniku saat gundah

berat hidup ini tanpa dirimu
ku hanya mencintai kamu
ku hanya memiliki kamu

aku rindu setengah mati kepadamu
sungguh ku ingin kau tahu
aku rindu setengah mati
meski tlah lama kita tak bertemu

ku slalu memimpikan kamu
ku tak bisa hidup tanpamu
aku rindu setengah mati kepadamu
sungguh ku ingin kau tahu
ku tak bisa hidup tanpamu
aku rindu…

Lirik Lagu D Masiv – Rindu Setengah Mati Feat Kevin Vierra dipersembahkan oleh Lirik Lagu Indonesia Terbaru

but cannot watch this with joelis... hehheeh :D coz yesterday bab sedey2... tetiba they both were laughing like crazy... simply because the way, pak wawan pronounce the word 'cacat' in indo accent... apa lah anak2 aku ni... potong stim betul... baru nak jiwang2 tengok cerita tu.. hampeh :P hehehe :D 

Monday, March 14, 2011

great sunday :)

march 13th: started off with a date with my mom. i wanted to color my hair - my usual activity every 3 weeks max. :) anyway, this time i wanted to try a new place. so, we went to 'chinta' that belongs to fasha sanda :) conclusion, i am happy with the place. customer service, okay :) friendly staff. i like what the guy did to my hair. price, not bad. reasonable lah.. for me to color the whole hair rm150 and my mom, rm80 touch up - inai. and no extra charge for him to iron my hair... hehehe :D i like..i like... :)) my hair feels soft now even after a normal treatment that comes with the coloring. he asked if i want to do treatment that'll cost me extra rm80 but since i was in a hurry, i cant do it. but maybe, i'll come back for the treatment :)

location: no.33 jalan wangsa delima 13, wangsa link, wangsa maju. [the block in front of maybank]

my mom tgh inai her hair
my before look.. err sorry ye... no after look.. hahah lupa :P
the reception :)
later in the afternoon, bought lunch for joelis... just lauk coz already asked lisa to cook rice at home. joelis were at home with the maid. anyway... lisa as usual with the internet and joey with his ps2... happy already... so next date was with kaiser :)

went to aeon jusco to do my glasses. yeup... been getting migraine a lot, somehow i have aesthic? i dont know lahh.. something to do with silau looking at lappy and driving at night. so... here goes... my 1st glasses after 38 years!! hahah :D 

hahhaha :D mcm cikgu daaaa...
my big baby who gets hungry often!
the pengkid's car yang kurang ajar... white wira

my usual date with my bf :)

2nd shot :P
at cheng ho restaurant - celebrating valentines :P
i love being in the car with my joelis. or sometimes with either one of them. this would be the most quality time that i can get to just chat with them. recently i had this chat with joey :) right after he received his belated birthday present from his daddy. :)

joey: ma, i did not get a ps3.
me: oh.. ya? how come?
joey: daddy said, errmm he asked me to play puas2 with ps2, then only he will get for me the ps3.
me: owhh.. hmm *smile*
joey: tapi, joey mcm tak puas hati la ma..
me: huh? why?
joey: coz i think i know why daddy tak beli ps3.
me: owh?? why?
joey: coz ps3 is more expensive.
me: owhh... *smile* how much is ps3?
joey: ermmm 1 thousand plus..
me: and ps2?
joey: 6 hundred something..
me: hmmm yeahh.. it is still expensive sayang.. and maybe daddy tak cukup duit nak belikan ps3.
joey: that's the thing. yang joey tak satisfied. 
me: laa?
joey: kenapa daddy tak cakap terus terang je, daddy tak cukup duit?
me: sayang, there are 2 types of parents.. mcm mama, i will tell you if mama tak cukup duit, but maybe pada daddy, he doesnt want you to know about his financial. *smile*
joey: *sigh* hmmm yeah... i forgot. i have stayed with you and used to your style. 
me: *smile* joey sedih ke?
joey: tak.. cuma tak puas hati.. but its okay, i understand now.
me: tak pe lah joey... ps2 tu mahal tau... kesian daddy.. anyway, joey pun tau, kalau mama, memang mama tak beli kan :P
joey: ya ya... i know..
me: hehehee :D
joey: tapi kan ma, daddy kata, kalau nanti daddy belikan ps3, daddy nak balik ps2 nya..
me: aitt?? kenapa?
joey: daddy nak main ... 
me: hahahah :D LOL... its so like daddy.. thats one thing.. you are like your daddy when it comes to games and computers :)
joey: *smile*
joey, kaiser and i playing ps2

Sunday, March 13, 2011

bukan senang jadi boss

itu bak kata kasar nya lah... kalau nak merendah diri, boleh la kata supervisor... but then again, i worked hard to be where i am. so you people out there, if you feel you are better than me, then... try be in my shoes lah.. agak2 boleh ke angkat ke batu jemala korang? malas nak korek history kisah lama.. but then i just wonder why orang2 zaman sekarang tak reti2 bersyukur.. tau asyik nak mengadu ... nak mengeluh.. and as i mentioned in some posts ago - i rarely talk about my work. but when i got to know that there are people out there starting to say things... i get upset. yes, i have the right to get upset coz, i worked my ass out to be where i am... i dont take leave because i have a lot of work to do. i dont complaint about my boss!! well, and you feel like you wanna take leave, and your job is done, by all means, take leave lah... the harsh way of saying it, "i dont give a shit!" but get your ass on it. whether or not you can take leave... i dont make the blardy rules... there are reasons why the people make such rules... but budak2 zaman sekarang tak tahu di untung.. tak tahu bersyukur that they are in a good company.

i really wanna write about my outing with my mom today, but i guess what i read recently killed my mood. demn-mmit..