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by - February 10, 2011

what i did today. hmmm will i update this everyday in this manner? errr... dont think so... too much whatsoever info. :) anyway... because i am proud of myself today.. i will write what i did today.

7.40am-8.25am  at the gym
9.00am               breakfast - toast [kaya & butter :( ] + half boiled eggs + hot black tea
2.30pm               lunch - white rice, vege, egg, chicken, sotong :P

i did leg exercises today coz thats my aim.. :) leg press, launch.. (not sure how to spell it lah), and there is another one using the machine.. other than that i did a bit of back muscle. and i err.. ran for 5 minutes... hehehe :D ok lah whattt... :P

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