test drive part II

as planned, i get to test drive my pojaan car... hyundai tucson, latest model. the car feels high... interior was nice..and neat but somehow it was not as what i expected. i dont know what to expect actually. the feeling is not there.. *sigh*.. a little bit disappointed. not with the car, but with my own judgement/feeling/whatever...  driving it is just almost like driving my citra.. except it is higher and newer :P hahah LOL :D so a woman-review, kan... ahakss... well... since i am the one who wants to buy the car, i review it as how i want to expect from it lah kan.. ? and when i go over a bumpy road.. it does feel bumpy... not so soft.. (comparing with the beemer.. so not supposed to compare with beemer.. :P ) but what the heck lahh.. anyway, this evening, my dad is bringing another beemer for me to test drive.


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