Sunday, February 13, 2011

my weekend getaway with dadza

was at concorde shah alam. LOL :D... why so near? because... i miss my fav live band group sooooo much... they are called dadza. :) i have known them since errmmm 2003 i think... wow... that is about 8 years?? such a long time huh... when i knew them, they were performing at concorde KL.. then they moved to times square hotel, then shang ri la.. i followed them everywhere until among my friends, i was known as dadza fan club's president. there wasnt really a club, but i love to promote them to my friends. they are very talented.. a group of 5... the 3 ladies are sisters. talented, humble, sweet and fun people :)) just loveeeee them :))

somehow, kaiser and i have not been out for a long time.. no more qba, dancing or even out to listen/watch to any live band. work has us tight up.. this week it was different a lil bit... joelis were in port dickson accompanying my parents there. because of the meeting arranged this morning, i cannot join them :( so, yesterday, after another meeting with a potential investor in gold and silver, i slowly coax my darling hubby to drive to shah alam to watch dadza. :) and surprisingly there were almost no effort :) hehhe :D and true enough... no regrets... i almost checked in at concorde shah alam.. to save us from driving back to our home but kaiser didnt want to coz he has a 10am class the next day :) otherwise.. its honeymoon lah for us.. hehehe :D

when we arrived, sweet yanie was so surprised to see us there... it was indeed a pleasant surprise. :) and sexy rina, of course hot momma, tuty :) you guys cant imagine how happy i was... just that next time, must invite more of our regular gang there so that we can have more fun... the crowd was so passive lah... hahaha :D my hubby was already moving his body to dance, but no one dance.. dangggg :P we will come back for sure!!

and today i sort of wasted about 2 hours.. got up late :P prepare for the presentation... and had a great day :) and as i am blogging, my sweetheart joelis are back from port dickson and are sound asleep in their room :) :*

have a great week ahead people!! :) another productive day waiting for me tomorrow!

Currently Dadza is performing at Concorde Shah Alam till April 2011, so guys, you must watch them... they are there everyday except on Sunday.