Monday, February 21, 2011

my frustration on a monday morning

this morning i was surprised by an sms... 'i ingat x jadi jual la'... from the seller. if you had followed my blog, you'd know that i have been hunting for a new car. and the car that i planned to get is after the 3rd test drive. now that the seller cancelled his intention to sell, i guess, i am just gonna post it up anyway. yes, i am frustrated. already visualizing myself in a different car. in 2 weeks time max. i deposited the booking on friday evening. so since he cancelled, this morning i went to maybank to cancel the transaction, but they can't do that.. went to cimb (seller's bank), they can't do anything about it coz they just receive the money. hmmmm... it has been a rushing morning for me.. :((

called my friend, to cancel the loan.. and called my dad to tell him my frustration... i only want to think the best of other people. when i asked the seller if he had a higher offer, he just said, he cancelled his plan to upgrade and decided to keep his car... *sigh*.. what to do... just not my rezqi. :/ i smsed him back told him that he will need to transfer back the booking money to my account once it is clear in his account.

come to think of it, last weekend as i was driving my citra, i did have the feeling, 'sayang nya nak let go this car coz it is a good car'... so i guess maybe because of that? *double sigh* i don't know...

anyway... just tinggal gambar je laa... it was good driving it though.. :) and that memory stays :))