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kaiser preparing dinner with elba food steamer

by - February 27, 2011

another way of eating healthy food... steam food :) :) i was chatting with kaiser in the car, while sending lisa to school in the morning.. ya.. ya... its sunday but she has this painting her class activity today. so what to do.. send her there lah :) well anyway, i was telling kaiser that i wanted to get an oven.. and he said we dont need an oven.. his reasons were.. errmm one of them, i will start to cook all these lasagna etc etc... all the fat food :P ahahhaha :D and yessszzaa.. i did have all those plans.. LOL :D his solution was, he saw a food steamer.. then we can have better and healthier food at home.. and i went... 'hhmmm...' there goes my oven plan... :P

so, after sending lisa, we went to jusco... and looked around for a food steamer.. found one.. :) and since he was the one who brought it up... what i said was.. "so, ok.. this is my valentine's present?" hahahahah :D and we got it.. did our groceries in jusco.. carrots, broccoli, the whole chicken, baby kailan... waahhh... getting excited on cooking... oohh.. all the spices that we never had.. ssshhhh... paprika, white pepper, garlic powder.. etc... :P

got home, cleaned the chicken, marinated it.. and sent joey for his music class.. then picked up lisa... and of course dropped by my parents' house first to lepak and play with zharee :)

by the time we got back to BA, it was like 5pm... and received an sms from kaiser.. to have early dinner so that we can go to the gym earlier.. me, no problem... he got home, helped me set up the food steamer, and he cooked lah.. well not really cooked, just arranged everything in the bowl thingy and switched on.. so easy :P hahah :D

and tonight, we ate healthy food :P just that the chicken a bit dry lah.. next time we try another way okay... errr.. sorry... it looked so good, forgot to take picture :P hahaha LOL :D

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