Wednesday, February 23, 2011

buhsan tahap gaban

lets hear it from me now!! warning you.... read at your own risk!! at this point of time, i am feeling soooo godddd dammmnnn boredddd!!! been so stressful for nothing :O.. well actually i know why but i cant write it here... see... its more stressful, you know!!

i have been to the gym in the morning, alone for 2 days in a row.. yesterday was the shortest.. hehehe :D coz, the light outside burnt, i think.. so it was quite dark.. i ran then did sit up then i went off.. hahaha :D anyway, on the weekend, my hubby asked why my thigh is getting big again.. so, on sunday, i decided, i still need him to the gym. so that i can really push myself. i need someone to help me coz my back is not strong when i carry the weight and my left arm is weak. so with him, i can do more at the gym.

today, i was not alone... when i arrived HY was there... so i ran a lil bit.. and later i switched on the radio and dance and jump like 1 crazy woman... at the same time thinking.. if i were to do this with my frens, will they be able to follow? and sometimes i just add some salsa basic steps.. and also cha-cha.. :) most important, i sweat!! and with the hope that it burns whatever fat that i have!
last 2 nights i was watching this video on you tube.. for the song loca2... it looked easy but when you want to do it.. it wasnt that easy lahh... i think we'll need a teacher to teach us the steps.. otherwise, sure terkangkang2 one... dah la kena kutuk dgn lisa.. somehow, she often kutuk me nowadays.. hemmm sad lahh.. serious shittt man... and she's only 14... not even 14 pun... baru 13 plus.. hmmmm... :'(

7.00pm reached home... lisa cooked rice, but she forgot to switched on the power.. hahah :D apa laa... :P i got ayam masak kicap from my mom's house. originally wanted to cook ayam kurma but since the maid cooked extra, my dad asked me to just pack what is there... so... lauk, done, i heat up my sayur kobis.. put some chili padi in it... sluurppp... sambil2 tu pusing kain another 1 round.. joelis were arguing to watch glee s2.. hehehe but since its exam week, no tv for them.. but they are playing the game, that is... lambat2 nak naik atas after dinner... hmmm ye lahh... nasib baik their father was not home... cuba kalau ada... memang macam askar dah lari naik atas!

me: you have a choice, stay downstairs, help me with the laundry or go upstairs continue revise your school work!

as usual.. still argue lah, in the end, joey went upstairs... and lisa stayed with the laundry... i finished up with the dishes and cleaned the kitchen and dinner table. :) thank you sweetheart... i was so tired, i dont know what's going on... went upstairs, had a quick shower... and after that just feeling like lying on the bed for a while... and guess what??? i dozed off!! at 9.00pm! kaiser came back around 9.30pm... i cant even get up out of bed... goshh... and slept on till 5.30am!! perggghhhh lama giler... 8.5 hours straight!!