Sunday, February 27, 2011

kaiser preparing dinner with elba food steamer

another way of eating healthy food... steam food :) :) i was chatting with kaiser in the car, while sending lisa to school in the morning.. ya.. ya... its sunday but she has this painting her class activity today. so what to do.. send her there lah :) well anyway, i was telling kaiser that i wanted to get an oven.. and he said we dont need an oven.. his reasons were.. errmm one of them, i will start to cook all these lasagna etc etc... all the fat food :P ahahhaha :D and yessszzaa.. i did have all those plans.. LOL :D his solution was, he saw a food steamer.. then we can have better and healthier food at home.. and i went... 'hhmmm...' there goes my oven plan... :P

so, after sending lisa, we went to jusco... and looked around for a food steamer.. found one.. :) and since he was the one who brought it up... what i said was.. "so, ok.. this is my valentine's present?" hahahahah :D and we got it.. did our groceries in jusco.. carrots, broccoli, the whole chicken, baby kailan... waahhh... getting excited on cooking... oohh.. all the spices that we never had.. ssshhhh... paprika, white pepper, garlic powder.. etc... :P

got home, cleaned the chicken, marinated it.. and sent joey for his music class.. then picked up lisa... and of course dropped by my parents' house first to lepak and play with zharee :)

by the time we got back to BA, it was like 5pm... and received an sms from kaiser.. to have early dinner so that we can go to the gym earlier.. me, no problem... he got home, helped me set up the food steamer, and he cooked lah.. well not really cooked, just arranged everything in the bowl thingy and switched on.. so easy :P hahah :D

and tonight, we ate healthy food :P just that the chicken a bit dry lah.. next time we try another way okay... errr.. sorry... it looked so good, forgot to take picture :P hahaha LOL :D

Saturday, February 26, 2011

ukays in setiawangsa?

i was on the way back from a birthday party when i saw a banner.... 'ukays at uptown setiawangsa at 9pm'... well a band that i liked when i was very young :) :) heheheh :D so... dragging my whole family later tonight... but was disappointed when waited till 1030pm... no signs of them... :(
i want to see ukays!!!! :((

Friday, February 25, 2011

if we have a baby :)

this is the result after an email being replied in the office :) everyone ... err.. most of them lah waiting for me to have another baby... hahahah :D err... not that easy la... and to go through everything?? hmmmm ... will think many many many times :) and the troublesome on arranging for maid... erkkkk... :O

but hey... if that's how he will look like.. mcm best jer.. hahaha :P

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Invitation: 3rd Mac 2011

This is an opportunity for you to know your options on where you can own your gold & silver. Invitations are open to all. If you want me to wait for you, please give me a call. Normally I will be at Pavilion Food Court around 8pm. We can walk together to the office. Please be there on time as we want to finish by 9.30pm latest.

Once you have attended this gathering/meeting/talk [or whatever you want to call it :)], you will NOT buy your gold & silver, elsewhere! 

3rd Mac 2011 - 8.30pm sharp!

Note: This is a business and investment opportunity meeting/gathering and not for quick rich scheme people!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

silver & gold investment

silver and gold investing -

where can you get your gold and silver, have them with you at the same time share on the info with your friends/relatives and the company pays you referral commission? :) nothing to worry, you get your physical precious metals and additional, you earn from it by just telling your friends/relatives about it. 

at auruma, you will be taught to create, to preserve and to prosper.

buhsan tahap gaban

lets hear it from me now!! warning you.... read at your own risk!! at this point of time, i am feeling soooo godddd dammmnnn boredddd!!! been so stressful for nothing :O.. well actually i know why but i cant write it here... see... its more stressful, you know!!

i have been to the gym in the morning, alone for 2 days in a row.. yesterday was the shortest.. hehehe :D coz, the light outside burnt, i think.. so it was quite dark.. i ran then did sit up then i went off.. hahaha :D anyway, on the weekend, my hubby asked why my thigh is getting big again.. so, on sunday, i decided, i still need him to the gym. so that i can really push myself. i need someone to help me coz my back is not strong when i carry the weight and my left arm is weak. so with him, i can do more at the gym.

today, i was not alone... when i arrived HY was there... so i ran a lil bit.. and later i switched on the radio and dance and jump like 1 crazy woman... at the same time thinking.. if i were to do this with my frens, will they be able to follow? and sometimes i just add some salsa basic steps.. and also cha-cha.. :) most important, i sweat!! and with the hope that it burns whatever fat that i have!
last 2 nights i was watching this video on you tube.. for the song loca2... it looked easy but when you want to do it.. it wasnt that easy lahh... i think we'll need a teacher to teach us the steps.. otherwise, sure terkangkang2 one... dah la kena kutuk dgn lisa.. somehow, she often kutuk me nowadays.. hemmm sad lahh.. serious shittt man... and she's only 14... not even 14 pun... baru 13 plus.. hmmmm... :'(

7.00pm reached home... lisa cooked rice, but she forgot to switched on the power.. hahah :D apa laa... :P i got ayam masak kicap from my mom's house. originally wanted to cook ayam kurma but since the maid cooked extra, my dad asked me to just pack what is there... so... lauk, done, i heat up my sayur kobis.. put some chili padi in it... sluurppp... sambil2 tu pusing kain another 1 round.. joelis were arguing to watch glee s2.. hehehe but since its exam week, no tv for them.. but they are playing the game, that is... lambat2 nak naik atas after dinner... hmmm ye lahh... nasib baik their father was not home... cuba kalau ada... memang macam askar dah lari naik atas!

me: you have a choice, stay downstairs, help me with the laundry or go upstairs continue revise your school work!

as usual.. still argue lah, in the end, joey went upstairs... and lisa stayed with the laundry... i finished up with the dishes and cleaned the kitchen and dinner table. :) thank you sweetheart... i was so tired, i dont know what's going on... went upstairs, had a quick shower... and after that just feeling like lying on the bed for a while... and guess what??? i dozed off!! at 9.00pm! kaiser came back around 9.30pm... i cant even get up out of bed... goshh... and slept on till 5.30am!! perggghhhh lama giler... 8.5 hours straight!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

my frustration on a monday morning

this morning i was surprised by an sms... 'i ingat x jadi jual la'... from the seller. if you had followed my blog, you'd know that i have been hunting for a new car. and the car that i planned to get is after the 3rd test drive. now that the seller cancelled his intention to sell, i guess, i am just gonna post it up anyway. yes, i am frustrated. already visualizing myself in a different car. in 2 weeks time max. i deposited the booking on friday evening. so since he cancelled, this morning i went to maybank to cancel the transaction, but they can't do that.. went to cimb (seller's bank), they can't do anything about it coz they just receive the money. hmmmm... it has been a rushing morning for me.. :((

called my friend, to cancel the loan.. and called my dad to tell him my frustration... i only want to think the best of other people. when i asked the seller if he had a higher offer, he just said, he cancelled his plan to upgrade and decided to keep his car... *sigh*.. what to do... just not my rezqi. :/ i smsed him back told him that he will need to transfer back the booking money to my account once it is clear in his account.

come to think of it, last weekend as i was driving my citra, i did have the feeling, 'sayang nya nak let go this car coz it is a good car'... so i guess maybe because of that? *double sigh* i don't know...

anyway... just tinggal gambar je laa... it was good driving it though.. :) and that memory stays :))

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday activity

Joey is having a hair cut right now. And i am so sleepy, that explains the activity now. Hmm i am blabbering coz i am sleepy. Does it make sense? Err.. I dont know..

Saturday, February 19, 2011

postings on hold

its the time again... when you have so much to tell... lots of great things to share.. but just could not find the time to put it up here.. blogging needs mood.. eheh.. at least that's me.. :P otherwise, nonsense will come up. so.. hemmm... what keeps me busy? loadssss of stuff... work at the office.. err dont wanna talk about it... lots of catching up with the Xango business... and gold & silver investment that i am doing. what?? greedy? LOL :D... just grabbing the opportunity while i can :))

whooppss... battery's out... catcha later!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

my weekend getaway with dadza

was at concorde shah alam. LOL :D... why so near? because... i miss my fav live band group sooooo much... they are called dadza. :) i have known them since errmmm 2003 i think... wow... that is about 8 years?? such a long time huh... when i knew them, they were performing at concorde KL.. then they moved to times square hotel, then shang ri la.. i followed them everywhere until among my friends, i was known as dadza fan club's president. there wasnt really a club, but i love to promote them to my friends. they are very talented.. a group of 5... the 3 ladies are sisters. talented, humble, sweet and fun people :)) just loveeeee them :))

somehow, kaiser and i have not been out for a long time.. no more qba, dancing or even out to listen/watch to any live band. work has us tight up.. this week it was different a lil bit... joelis were in port dickson accompanying my parents there. because of the meeting arranged this morning, i cannot join them :( so, yesterday, after another meeting with a potential investor in gold and silver, i slowly coax my darling hubby to drive to shah alam to watch dadza. :) and surprisingly there were almost no effort :) hehhe :D and true enough... no regrets... i almost checked in at concorde shah alam.. to save us from driving back to our home but kaiser didnt want to coz he has a 10am class the next day :) otherwise.. its honeymoon lah for us.. hehehe :D

when we arrived, sweet yanie was so surprised to see us there... it was indeed a pleasant surprise. :) and sexy rina, of course hot momma, tuty :) you guys cant imagine how happy i was... just that next time, must invite more of our regular gang there so that we can have more fun... the crowd was so passive lah... hahaha :D my hubby was already moving his body to dance, but no one dance.. dangggg :P we will come back for sure!!

and today i sort of wasted about 2 hours.. got up late :P prepare for the presentation... and had a great day :) and as i am blogging, my sweetheart joelis are back from port dickson and are sound asleep in their room :) :*

have a great week ahead people!! :) another productive day waiting for me tomorrow!

Currently Dadza is performing at Concorde Shah Alam till April 2011, so guys, you must watch them... they are there everyday except on Sunday. 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

my rabbit flower

i read something about this plant that the flower can sometimes look like a rabbit. And wallah this morning i saw the cute rabbit hehe :D this is so cool!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

what i did today. hmmm will i update this everyday in this manner? errr... dont think so... too much whatsoever info. :) anyway... because i am proud of myself today.. i will write what i did today.

7.40am-8.25am  at the gym
9.00am               breakfast - toast [kaya & butter :( ] + half boiled eggs + hot black tea
2.30pm               lunch - white rice, vege, egg, chicken, sotong :P

i did leg exercises today coz thats my aim.. :) leg press, launch.. (not sure how to spell it lah), and there is another one using the machine.. other than that i did a bit of back muscle. and i err.. ran for 5 minutes... hehehe :D ok lah whattt... :P

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

peha gemuk

yesss... i realised that... why? because... of... teh tarik everyday! and been eating without thinking of the consequences.. cheywahhh.. yeahh... have been eating like a pig for the past 3 weeks!! and now, my thigh is big.. wanna see more how i sinned to the lord of diet? :P
yummy kuey tiow with loadddsss of oil!!! :O errkkkk
yeuppp look at it NOW!! coz its gonna be gone SOON!! 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

test drive part II

as planned, i get to test drive my pojaan car... hyundai tucson, latest model. the car feels high... interior was nice..and neat but somehow it was not as what i expected. i dont know what to expect actually. the feeling is not there.. *sigh*.. a little bit disappointed. not with the car, but with my own judgement/feeling/whatever...  driving it is just almost like driving my citra.. except it is higher and newer :P hahah LOL :D so a woman-review, kan... ahakss... well... since i am the one who wants to buy the car, i review it as how i want to expect from it lah kan.. ? and when i go over a bumpy road.. it does feel bumpy... not so soft.. (comparing with the beemer.. so not supposed to compare with beemer.. :P ) but what the heck lahh.. anyway, this evening, my dad is bringing another beemer for me to test drive.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

a cool ride to janda baik

kaiser went up to janda baik with his friend, dick 2 weeks ago. and he said that the place was nice.. and decided to bring all of us there. so, with the whole week off, one of the days, 4th feb 2011, we plan to go to janda baik - dick's father's place. we left BA about 2.30pm... 3 bikes... dick, kaiser and cisco. joelis and i were in the car... and lisa was the official photographer for the whole trip. and she has done a greeaatttt job! :)) despite the hard wind from our citra's sunroof.. she managed to snap lots of good pictures :) i am so proud of her. :*

joey was a bit cranky in the early part of the journey, so, he decided to sleep on the way there.. only when we reached our first pit stop, he woke up ~ still a bit cranky.. :P ordered chocolate pancake, shared nasi goreng ah seng with me.. and he's much better. he took a ride on kaiser's bike once we reached janda baik. it was more like a kampong road.. so helmets off!! :) they ride slowly along the corners.. it was really hot!

we arrived at tuan syed's place.. it was really unique.. you guys gotta check it out. the house was built with lots of mixed woods, pebbles etc.. it was colorful too, the area. a small stream beside the guest-house makes it cooling. we were amazed with the way the house area was decorated and arranged. perhaps, we will come again to spend a nite there.

later on, we ride up to another end of the hill.. saufiville... quite a unique resort.. 6 bedrooms bungalow - with a swimming pool!! we had tea there and headed home soon after.

it was a good trip :) really enjoyed ourselves.
the official photographer! :)
my froggie :P
by the pool at saufiville
i believe i can fly
group picture with dick and cisco..