Thursday, January 20, 2011

productive day on thaipusam holiday

i forgot today was thursday. when i got up from sleep i thot it was the weekend :O ... anyway.. kaiser had his morning trainings. i cant be staying in bed too long or i'll be useless the whole day. so i got up early, around 7-nish.. and checked on joelis. joey doesnt seemed wanna get up :) hhehehe :D then i went into lisa's room - she was already awake :) after disturbing and hugging and kissing them, i went back to my room and re-arranged my wardrobe. then, took a shower, went downstairs and clean up the room. settled the clothes and folded all of them. and since i am allergic to full laundry basket, i washed like 3 rounds of laundry today :D... alhamdulillah the weather was hot and beautiful. i hanged the clothes outside of my gate since i can get more sun there. asked joelis to help me clear the 2 cupboards downstairs. i think i wanna get low cabinet, get rid some of the luggage bags that i seldom use, and put a bed in the room downstairs. who knows, my parents would like to sleep over? ;D

then i stamped my flyers :) my juice and also gold & silver business flyers. tomorrow will distribute them. and guess what... i got to know my mom has pecal at her house?!! OMG.... so, got joey in the car... lisa was already at sarah's... drove to my parents' house and nyummmm nyummm... pecal.. i love you bebeh!!!

after lunch played with my nieces.. joey had a great time with his cousin - jagung bakar on my parents' new BBQ pit :) and went home... kaiser was already home..

at night, went to the gym... decided not to have BBQ chicken.. hehehe :D peha dah gemuk balik nihhh tensennn... siott... anyway, now about to go to sleep... nite nite everybody..

and how i wish tomorrow i am on leave! :P