Monday, January 17, 2011

permaisuri resort, port dickson - NOT recommended

i was there on a short break attending a great seminar. if not because of the enjoyable, motivation seminar, i would have just left the place. the place is, i would say, 'hidup segan mati tak mau!!' yeup, it is that bad.. i was quite surprise to view some review that some people say the place is nice..etc... blah..blah..blah.. perhaps i have put up a high expectation before i reached the place.

let me just share my own experience excluding some of the participants' comment on the place.
  • date of visit: 15th Jan 2011 - 16th Jan 2011
  • location: KM10, Port Dickson
  • room: it really needs a make over. we were given a one-bedroom apartment (thank you ms organiser). the apartment has this weird smell. underneath the sofa was not swept.. ie. dusty. the toilet bidet was leaking. and that night as my hubby and i wanted to sleep.. my hubby saw 'something' running on our bed.. and he thought it was an ant... guess again!! it was a cockroach!!! oh ... and the towels smells.. (like they were not dried properly?) 
  • decor: normal.
  • cleanliness of the room: so-so... i would give 4 out of 10. 
  • cleanliness of the lift area: it was terrible and often got 'flooded' due to some visitors who would come into the lift wet after swimming! so uncivilized people!!
  • service: let's see... i ordered 2 extra towels, a kettle and 2 pillows at 6.00pm and until 9.30pm they have not arrived! and when they arrived, i got 2 pillow case instead of pillows.. WTH... and as for the cafe, i was at the cafe at 6.30pm to have a meal with my 2 kids, they told us they cannot take our order because they are busy preparing for the 7.00pm buffet. DO I CARE???? Hotel guests are hungry and they just say they cannot serve??!! What kind of a service is that??? so, we went to the kiosk.. to get snacks for my kids, the cashier said, i needed to pay cash. so i told her that i'd go up to my room and get some cash and come down again.. and guess what?? the kiosk is closed because she wants to go makan!! 
  • price: our trip was sponsored and i read in the website, rates would be around rM250 per night. it is NOT worth it if you ask me.. 
  • food: nothing to shout about. during our breakfast, the omelette's counter was there i.e. eggs, mushroom, onion, garlic, and stove. i waited for > 10 minutes and the chef was still not ready to be there. all they need is a chef and a frying pan!! and until we finished our breakfast, i hour later, the omelette's counter was still not ready!!! 
  • pool: with visitors entering the pool without proper swimming attire??? hemmmm... just not the place for us. 
my conclusion: 
  • would i go there again? NO!!!!!
  • would i recommend the place to my friends/relatives? NO!!! Because there are other resorts/hotels in Port Dickson that is offering lower rate and definitely better service.
from my point of view, if they buck up on the management side, redo some of the apartments, do necessary repair, be strict on cleanliness, re-train their staffs, get a new chef - maybe a few chefs, the place has good potential.