Friday, January 21, 2011

You can hate me now but..

Opportunity Doesn't Wait

But really, the best opportunities don’t say: “Hey, it’s me! Opportunity! Can you get your mind off working or texting or whatever else you are doing, and come take a look at this?”
Here’s the lesson
Sometimes you are standing right in front of the opportunity that will transform your life, but your mind is doing other work. You’re not trained to mind-sweep away everything that doesn’t matter right now, in order to focus on what does matter.
And, sometimes you are frittering away your time rather than twittering thoughts that will get you the kind of attention that transforms your life.
Here’s what to do:
  1. Always have your goals in mind.
  2. Identify and memorize what you would say if the great dealmaker in the sky presented you with the one person who can make your goals your reality.
  3. Take advantage of every interaction, on-ground or online, to move you closer toward what you really want. Sure, they may be tiny, incremental steps – but it’s better than your great ideas, strengths and plans being stuck in your head, and losing the opportunity to advocate for yourself.
Hence I am giving this opportunity to you to attend only an hour talk on how to own your own business. A business where YOU can help people get better in terms of HEALTH and FINANCIALLY. Wouldn't YOU want to BE THE ONE who invites your loved ones to achieve all that? 

My own testimonial, for the past 3 years, alhamdulillah, my 2 children have not been in admitted in the hospital. Last time, once a year they will be admitted due to fever. They have become healthier and better without having to add in all those unnecessary drugs in their system! Do you see how much TIME and MONEY you can SAVE? And all the extra energy for going back and forth to the hospital is reduced! YOU can spend MORE QUALITY time with your family.

Don't you have mercy looking at those small hands being poked with needles at the hospital bed? Don't you want your kids to NOT have all those experience? Don't you feel bad when your kids had to use the inhaler at the emergency unit whenever they have asthma attack?? Don't you want your kids to be free and play around?? Think about it as parents... Don't be selfish.. You can buy all those lots of branded stuff but you think twice just to get something healthy for your family?? Sometimes, the TRUTH HURTS! And it takes 1 person to let you see all these.. and let that bad person be me.. why?? Because I want you to realize and take action!

My mom, she has been stabilizing her cholesterol level, her blood pressure and sugar level. She has quality sleep now and have enough rest at night. Wouldn't YOU want to be THE PERSON who would have the solution to help your loved ones? If you know there is a product that can help someone YOU LOVE, would you just put it aside and not share?? 

My foster dad in Bandung, his daughter is FREE from cancer and has been healthy, alhamdulillah after taking the product. What he did was just take it as advised and redha. He believes what I am trying to do is TO HELP. And alhamdulillah, IT WORKS. 

I want to be the person TO SHARE all these information because I CARE for your HEALTH. Even if you'd hate me for always talking about it, I don't mind... even if you make yourself further and further away from me, I don't mind. As far as I am concern... at the moment, I have all the testimonial that I have got, and I WANT TO SHARE! You can hate me now... but some day.. I hope, you will not be the one who'd say... "I wish I have listened to what she wants to say"
Saturday, 22nd January 2011
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