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nice dream

by - January 05, 2011

i had a tough time to sleep last night, maybe because i slept for 2 hours during the day. hahaa serves me right.. anyway last night i had a wonderful dream. weird but it was wonderful. i dreamt of my friends when i was in PUO. best giler okay... there were abg long, angah, jaey, sudin, duan, and a few more. there was this one 'scene' where all of them went of with their bikes and left abg long with me. abg long was very reserved. and we talked but we were quite distanced. and we talk about work stuff. he looked quite blur. hmmm i wonder why.. and in my dream i was doing a 'kebajikan' work selling some stuff i dont know what lah.. hmmm anyway.. it was a nice dream la coz at least i get to see abg long in my dream :)

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