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movie night

by - January 09, 2011

i am so not a movie person. means i don't really like to go to the movie [now]. used to go to the cinema everytime they changed the movie last time. but now, i'd rather have a big screen at home where i can lie down on my spacious sofa but of course with a good sound system. the question is, do i have all that? LOL :D hale no!! not yet at least :) i sold off our sound system about 2 years ago coz it was so bulky. i like the small size but powerful sound which i am sure will cost me a bomb! err... looks like i am off track now.
narnia - the voyage of the dawn treader... hehhe :D i just knew the full title last night. all the while, i only know it as narnia.. i just love watching narnia. maybe there is a child in me that likes these kind of movies. i think i have watched all narnia's series - and this one is the only one that i watch in the cinema. why? coz after watching the previous ones [that i missed watching at the cinema], i am sure the sound and actions will be awesome!! told joelis that i'll take them to watch it since december... and suddenly time was always envy with us. so few days back, i make it a point to go... cant do on friday coz its my gym night. and the only night that joelis could stay up is on the weekend.

so yesterday was the day... i had 1 full day... been in and out of the house... driving up and down the hill and at that time i felt like my car is drinking water... it was tiring but fulfilling. i was at my gf's house twice to show her on how or where to invest into gold/and silver. and she seems really interested. it is a good time now to invest and save on gold/and silver. you wont lose anything. well, ooppss.. sorry off track again. back to movie story.  by after maghrib, i fetched joey from his friend's house, rushed home, changed our clothes and drove to the movie. i was really not feeling so good :(( i know why and it was my fault... had late breakfast, very late lunch and my tummy could not take it.... LOL :D and the funny part is, i think i am nervous to go and watch a movie!!! so BUSDUS... akakakak :D

so.. okay... "when we reach there... joelis, you run up and buy the tickets, i will need to go to the ladies, and kaiser park the car.. we meet at the cinema.." "okay... roger" replied joelis... and as kaiser reached the mall.. 3 of us ran out of the car like 3 detectives... hehehe ;D kinda cool... padahal.. sakit perut, Tuhan sajer yang tahu... :P

we had a quick dinner at one of the cafe.. and narnia bestt.... i just love the movie... :) :) ... caspian is so cute!! .. and lisa and i had the same thoughts.. hahaah :D kaiser was busy beside me munching his biscuits and apples...and after a while.."can't they pause the movie?? i need to pee!" joey seriously concentrating on the movie.. loveee the effect.. it was i dont know what to say, but i really enjoy the movie.. love the macho-ness of aslan...

narnia is truly a dream come true movie..[to me]  it's like.. when you have a problem, at the end of it there will be happy ending..  the bad ones will disappear and the good guys will win.. and the hero will always be good looking and hunk... hhehehe :D

as we drove home.. i kinda agree with what kaiser thinks... "that i am like a child who likes all these fairy tales movie" maybe.. i wish i am living in a fairy tale world? hhmmmmm....

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