Monday, January 3, 2011

kisah 1st day of school

i was in the car with my mom after a long day errands.. send joelis to school, accompany my mom for her regular check up at pcmc [the hospital is so lembab!!], bangsar for appointment and wangsa maju for lawyer's appointment when i received kaiser's call at 3.30pm.

kaiser: hallo...
me: yes..
kaiser: err.. am i supposed to pick up lisa from school?
me: yesss... [paused for a while]... HEY!! what time is it now??
kaiser: oh my god.. its 3.30pm!!
me: and you have not picked up LISA????
kaiser: how i'd know.. i thought you are on leave and..
me: i sent in the morning, so you need to pick up lisa... [panicking] and why lisa did not call??
kaiser: okay i will pick her up in a while.
me: where are you now?
kaiser: swangsa buying something for joey's birthday.
me: hemm okay.. coz it'll take longer time from where i am now.
kaiser: ok..ok.. in 5 mins!

and my heart was dropping.. in my head, why didnt lisa call. its like 1 hour late! i was contemplating if i should just go and pick lisa up...when my phone rang..

lisa: maaaa..
me: hello!! [relieved]
lisa: err..
me: yes..kaiser forgot to pick you up.. where are you?
lisa: in school..
me: go and wait inside the school...why didnt you call earlier?
lisa: ma, its okay.. anna just went home. i called but could not get kaiser.
me: pls wait inside..
lisa: i'll wait the usual place..
me: no! wait inside the school area until kaiser arrives..
lisa: there are many people maa..
me: no lisa, please wait inside..
lisa: hmm hokayy...
me: bye.. love you..
lisa: love you too..

*phew*... and only God know how grateful i am that lisa is okay... alhamdulillah...