Sunday, January 30, 2011

the day when i cooked! :)

yeahh... yeahh you can laugh at me for not cooking that often.. i would blame it on mood.. :P hahaha... but anyway, kaiser has been down with flu and fever.. he has not been eating well except maggie soup... how to get well lah??? he only wants panadol and we are out of panadol. and he is the most stubborn person on earth refused to see the doct.. i gave him the fever medicine from the clinic that i got, it didnt work on him.. fever gets higher... so yesterday, instead of going to my parents' house for a massage, i drove down to pharmacy and get him panadols.. actifast :)

put panadol actifast at the dressing table in our room.. after a few minutes, i checked on him.. if he has taken the panadol.

kaiser: yess... i have taken the medicine
me: hmmmm..
kaiser: and i already said, the normal panadol.
me: actifast is better lah.. for fever and flu..
kaiser: you just dont listen.. i said normal.. what is it that you dont understand?
me: hhehee :D
kaiser: *mumbling to himself* after 20 years of marriage also still dont listen i want normal panadol!

hehehe :D i left him.. giggling... hehehe :D he's just so funny... :P cranky and manja and stubborn when he is sick :P

and today, the 2nd soup that i cooked for him.. yesterday was normal chicken soup.. today's soup was with herbs.. :) and chicken curry... phuuhhh have not been cooking curry for ages mannnn... and today, i add 3 times of rice!! :O errkkkk...
the chicken + herbs soup
chicken curry :)