Friday, January 21, 2011

Be Proud of Your Business

i have been approached by this lady a few times. especially as we (my friend and i) were walking to and fro stesen sentral. she would be standing there with another person, either a guy or another lady.. inviting people who walks by to their so called 'nutrition club'. the very first time they approached me, i knew which company they are attached to... the sad part is that, they themselves are not proud of their own business/company. with a straight face...

me: are you from herbalife?
the woman: ohh you know herbalife?
me: well.. yeah..
the woman: ohh but we are not from herbalife, we are another company.
me: aaahh...

and today i found out, they are from herbalife... hmmmm... why?? why are you embarrassed to tell people?

if you are, then why be a part of them?

just IMHO, be proud of your business, tell everyone which company you are attached with.. coz I AM PROUD to be a part of XANGO family! :))