Sunday, January 30, 2011

the day when i cooked! :)

yeahh... yeahh you can laugh at me for not cooking that often.. i would blame it on mood.. :P hahaha... but anyway, kaiser has been down with flu and fever.. he has not been eating well except maggie soup... how to get well lah??? he only wants panadol and we are out of panadol. and he is the most stubborn person on earth refused to see the doct.. i gave him the fever medicine from the clinic that i got, it didnt work on him.. fever gets higher... so yesterday, instead of going to my parents' house for a massage, i drove down to pharmacy and get him panadols.. actifast :)

put panadol actifast at the dressing table in our room.. after a few minutes, i checked on him.. if he has taken the panadol.

kaiser: yess... i have taken the medicine
me: hmmmm..
kaiser: and i already said, the normal panadol.
me: actifast is better lah.. for fever and flu..
kaiser: you just dont listen.. i said normal.. what is it that you dont understand?
me: hhehee :D
kaiser: *mumbling to himself* after 20 years of marriage also still dont listen i want normal panadol!

hehehe :D i left him.. giggling... hehehe :D he's just so funny... :P cranky and manja and stubborn when he is sick :P

and today, the 2nd soup that i cooked for him.. yesterday was normal chicken soup.. today's soup was with herbs.. :) and chicken curry... phuuhhh have not been cooking curry for ages mannnn... and today, i add 3 times of rice!! :O errkkkk...
the chicken + herbs soup
chicken curry :)

test drive :p

i posted on my status on my fb 5 days back that i am going to let go my baby.. well the day came yesterday when i passed over my baby to my friend for him to sell. sad? yes.. :'( of course... she has been with me since 2006... but.. gotta do it sooner or later... so here's the test drive story goes ;)
it was a 320 bmw.. silver.. 2 digits plate number.. see... woman... thats all they see, not the engine etc etc... hahaha :D well anyway.. first round, i drove it to my parents house.. stop for lunch, and suddenly my dad already took it for a spin :P hehe :D he's more excited about the car than me... do i like it? yeah.. not bad.. quiet engine, smooth ride.. soft suspension.. engine and interior is clean.. but the funny incident happened when we, my BIL and i wanted to drive joey to his friend's house. i already saw the fuel tank light is on.. luck was not on my BIL's side... the car stopped in the middle of the road.. LOL :D... so, the boys from my friend's shop gotta buy petrol and filled up... by then, it was raining.. in the end, 3 of us walked home. joey and i took the bicycle and cycled to joey's friend's house. i was sweating like crazy... :D
next, the boy drove the c200 kompressor to my parents' house for me to try.. the engine sounded rough.. the body looked nice.. absorber out.. :( tyre bengkak.. although the rims looked nice. mileage was lower but it was not in a good condition as to compare to the price offered. i drove up to my house to show to kaiser.. he just got back from work.. still down with flu.. and lisa was cooking for him maggie soup.. hhmmm.. my BIL drove it back down.. tested on duke highway.. not as expected according to my BIL.. decided not to take it.. hmmm..

and the hunt continues... :)

At wangsa walk

Our usual sunday. Now waiting for joey to finish his replacement class. Hmm.. This is the view from where we are seated. Omg this is the most boring posting!
joey and his drum teacher, cikgu adli @ yamaha

Thursday, January 27, 2011


today is the fastest day!! 5 meetings in a day... and while i am writing this, one more meeting to go to tonight! and got a call 10 minutes ago... what?? want me to do a business?? whhoaaa... i have 2 other businesses in hand now, dont think i can cope another one :) but thanks for the opportunity though.

see this baby? thats how satisfied i feel right now.. being so productive! :))

see you tonight at pavilion?? 8.30pm... call me... 012 290 5653. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

my not-a-baby anymore

hehehe :D as usual.... giggle first... :) its about joey... i am so sorry joey for sending you late to school today. plan to send the car to the workshop again.. to settle the bills and to check what was the noises all about. anyway, dont want to talk about my car now.. :P

joey is so excited about the school orchestra's group trip to kuching. me, as usual, is worried. so, somehow, with other parents, we plan to go also...and when i told joey that i wanna go too, his respond was, 'alaaaaa maaa... plsss la ma... pls, i wanna go alone....' heheheh :D you guys should see his face expression... kakkakaka :D kaiser said, 'see, i told you, he is not a baby anymore.. let him go alone. stop following him wherever he goes'... ekeekek :D and i am still laughing... LOL :D well, see lah how... maybe i'll go, maybe i will not go.. :P

and thank you D for sponsoring joey's trip :) when i told joey he sponsored, joey was surprised. :) hmmmm...

Monday, January 24, 2011

car review?

hahahah :D can i laugh first? well, anyway, the thing is, my baby has been cranky... simply because i think she heard that i am getting a new car. for the past 1 month i have been visiting the workshop. betul2 merajuk ni.. :) shiaannn dia.. anyway the latest visit was yesterday, and the mechanic found out there was a leak at the aircond tube. so, ok la... i got to do what i got to do lah kan.. last week, i borrowed my mom's car, 318 [1996] bmw.. my dad did a lot with the car, repairing it and gave it a new look. changed the seat cover to semi leather and also the gear knob. its cool driving it, just that whenever i drive it, i get dizzy... wanna know why? because of the side mirror.. hehhe :D my dad has this small mirror thingy for you to see further view from the rear. :)
yesterday, the mechanic offered their kancil, its auto but only when i drove the car, i found out, no power steering... errkkkk.. so i went to my parents' house, but the bmw was not under the porch.. so, i called my sister, N3, she offered her hubby's kenari.. :) hehehe :D i kinda enjoy driving the kenari. i think because the car is light, it feels so fast and flowing.... mcm menononggg jer... :D the funny part was when lisa and i wanted to open the back bonet... and we both went, "whoaawww.... cool door lah" hehehe :D jakun kejap.. :P

so, today, i drove the kenari to work.. not bad lah... hmmm next car i wanna try is myvi.. :D hehehe :D

Friday, January 21, 2011

Be Proud of Your Business

i have been approached by this lady a few times. especially as we (my friend and i) were walking to and fro stesen sentral. she would be standing there with another person, either a guy or another lady.. inviting people who walks by to their so called 'nutrition club'. the very first time they approached me, i knew which company they are attached to... the sad part is that, they themselves are not proud of their own business/company. with a straight face...

me: are you from herbalife?
the woman: ohh you know herbalife?
me: well.. yeah..
the woman: ohh but we are not from herbalife, we are another company.
me: aaahh...

and today i found out, they are from herbalife... hmmmm... why?? why are you embarrassed to tell people?

if you are, then why be a part of them?

just IMHO, be proud of your business, tell everyone which company you are attached with.. coz I AM PROUD to be a part of XANGO family! :))

You can hate me now but..

Opportunity Doesn't Wait

But really, the best opportunities don’t say: “Hey, it’s me! Opportunity! Can you get your mind off working or texting or whatever else you are doing, and come take a look at this?”
Here’s the lesson
Sometimes you are standing right in front of the opportunity that will transform your life, but your mind is doing other work. You’re not trained to mind-sweep away everything that doesn’t matter right now, in order to focus on what does matter.
And, sometimes you are frittering away your time rather than twittering thoughts that will get you the kind of attention that transforms your life.
Here’s what to do:
  1. Always have your goals in mind.
  2. Identify and memorize what you would say if the great dealmaker in the sky presented you with the one person who can make your goals your reality.
  3. Take advantage of every interaction, on-ground or online, to move you closer toward what you really want. Sure, they may be tiny, incremental steps – but it’s better than your great ideas, strengths and plans being stuck in your head, and losing the opportunity to advocate for yourself.
Hence I am giving this opportunity to you to attend only an hour talk on how to own your own business. A business where YOU can help people get better in terms of HEALTH and FINANCIALLY. Wouldn't YOU want to BE THE ONE who invites your loved ones to achieve all that? 

My own testimonial, for the past 3 years, alhamdulillah, my 2 children have not been in admitted in the hospital. Last time, once a year they will be admitted due to fever. They have become healthier and better without having to add in all those unnecessary drugs in their system! Do you see how much TIME and MONEY you can SAVE? And all the extra energy for going back and forth to the hospital is reduced! YOU can spend MORE QUALITY time with your family.

Don't you have mercy looking at those small hands being poked with needles at the hospital bed? Don't you want your kids to NOT have all those experience? Don't you feel bad when your kids had to use the inhaler at the emergency unit whenever they have asthma attack?? Don't you want your kids to be free and play around?? Think about it as parents... Don't be selfish.. You can buy all those lots of branded stuff but you think twice just to get something healthy for your family?? Sometimes, the TRUTH HURTS! And it takes 1 person to let you see all these.. and let that bad person be me.. why?? Because I want you to realize and take action!

My mom, she has been stabilizing her cholesterol level, her blood pressure and sugar level. She has quality sleep now and have enough rest at night. Wouldn't YOU want to be THE PERSON who would have the solution to help your loved ones? If you know there is a product that can help someone YOU LOVE, would you just put it aside and not share?? 

My foster dad in Bandung, his daughter is FREE from cancer and has been healthy, alhamdulillah after taking the product. What he did was just take it as advised and redha. He believes what I am trying to do is TO HELP. And alhamdulillah, IT WORKS. 

I want to be the person TO SHARE all these information because I CARE for your HEALTH. Even if you'd hate me for always talking about it, I don't mind... even if you make yourself further and further away from me, I don't mind. As far as I am concern... at the moment, I have all the testimonial that I have got, and I WANT TO SHARE! You can hate me now... but some day.. I hope, you will not be the one who'd say... "I wish I have listened to what she wants to say"
Saturday, 22nd January 2011
Quattro West, Ground Floor
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Call: Puan Ain 012- 290 5653 or Mr Andy 013-287 6122

Thursday, January 20, 2011

productive day on thaipusam holiday

i forgot today was thursday. when i got up from sleep i thot it was the weekend :O ... anyway.. kaiser had his morning trainings. i cant be staying in bed too long or i'll be useless the whole day. so i got up early, around 7-nish.. and checked on joelis. joey doesnt seemed wanna get up :) hhehehe :D then i went into lisa's room - she was already awake :) after disturbing and hugging and kissing them, i went back to my room and re-arranged my wardrobe. then, took a shower, went downstairs and clean up the room. settled the clothes and folded all of them. and since i am allergic to full laundry basket, i washed like 3 rounds of laundry today :D... alhamdulillah the weather was hot and beautiful. i hanged the clothes outside of my gate since i can get more sun there. asked joelis to help me clear the 2 cupboards downstairs. i think i wanna get low cabinet, get rid some of the luggage bags that i seldom use, and put a bed in the room downstairs. who knows, my parents would like to sleep over? ;D

then i stamped my flyers :) my juice and also gold & silver business flyers. tomorrow will distribute them. and guess what... i got to know my mom has pecal at her house?!! OMG.... so, got joey in the car... lisa was already at sarah's... drove to my parents' house and nyummmm nyummm... pecal.. i love you bebeh!!!

after lunch played with my nieces.. joey had a great time with his cousin - jagung bakar on my parents' new BBQ pit :) and went home... kaiser was already home..

at night, went to the gym... decided not to have BBQ chicken.. hehehe :D peha dah gemuk balik nihhh tensennn... siott... anyway, now about to go to sleep... nite nite everybody..

and how i wish tomorrow i am on leave! :P

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

permaisuri = carpet?

things that your kids would say and make you laugh :) i miss my joey :))

joey: ma, kita nak gi mana?
me: permaisuri resort.
joey: owhh.. what is permaisuri in english?
me: queen.
joey: bukan err.. ke permaisuri tu ..aarr.. carpet?
me: oit.. itu permaidani laa..
joey: owhh... LOL :D
me: hahha i am so gonna blog this.. :D
joey: ma!!!
me: heheheh :D

Monday, January 17, 2011

permaisuri resort, port dickson - NOT recommended

i was there on a short break attending a great seminar. if not because of the enjoyable, motivation seminar, i would have just left the place. the place is, i would say, 'hidup segan mati tak mau!!' yeup, it is that bad.. i was quite surprise to view some review that some people say the place is nice..etc... blah..blah..blah.. perhaps i have put up a high expectation before i reached the place.

let me just share my own experience excluding some of the participants' comment on the place.
  • date of visit: 15th Jan 2011 - 16th Jan 2011
  • location: KM10, Port Dickson
  • room: it really needs a make over. we were given a one-bedroom apartment (thank you ms organiser). the apartment has this weird smell. underneath the sofa was not swept.. ie. dusty. the toilet bidet was leaking. and that night as my hubby and i wanted to sleep.. my hubby saw 'something' running on our bed.. and he thought it was an ant... guess again!! it was a cockroach!!! oh ... and the towels smells.. (like they were not dried properly?) 
  • decor: normal.
  • cleanliness of the room: so-so... i would give 4 out of 10. 
  • cleanliness of the lift area: it was terrible and often got 'flooded' due to some visitors who would come into the lift wet after swimming! so uncivilized people!!
  • service: let's see... i ordered 2 extra towels, a kettle and 2 pillows at 6.00pm and until 9.30pm they have not arrived! and when they arrived, i got 2 pillow case instead of pillows.. WTH... and as for the cafe, i was at the cafe at 6.30pm to have a meal with my 2 kids, they told us they cannot take our order because they are busy preparing for the 7.00pm buffet. DO I CARE???? Hotel guests are hungry and they just say they cannot serve??!! What kind of a service is that??? so, we went to the kiosk.. to get snacks for my kids, the cashier said, i needed to pay cash. so i told her that i'd go up to my room and get some cash and come down again.. and guess what?? the kiosk is closed because she wants to go makan!! 
  • price: our trip was sponsored and i read in the website, rates would be around rM250 per night. it is NOT worth it if you ask me.. 
  • food: nothing to shout about. during our breakfast, the omelette's counter was there i.e. eggs, mushroom, onion, garlic, and stove. i waited for > 10 minutes and the chef was still not ready to be there. all they need is a chef and a frying pan!! and until we finished our breakfast, i hour later, the omelette's counter was still not ready!!! 
  • pool: with visitors entering the pool without proper swimming attire??? hemmmm... just not the place for us. 
my conclusion: 
  • would i go there again? NO!!!!!
  • would i recommend the place to my friends/relatives? NO!!! Because there are other resorts/hotels in Port Dickson that is offering lower rate and definitely better service.
from my point of view, if they buck up on the management side, redo some of the apartments, do necessary repair, be strict on cleanliness, re-train their staffs, get a new chef - maybe a few chefs, the place has good potential. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Invitation: 13th Jan 2011


Have you asked yourself, what have you done today to preserve what you have created?

You are invited to the address shown below on 13th Jan 2011 at 8.00pm. What we are going to share with you is an option for you to choose from.
Confirmation of attendance is needed, please sms any of the above numbers. Thank you.

Posting has been edited - 11th March 2011 by author.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

ouchh.. :'(

i am so busy.... and have no time for this.. :(( huwaaaa... my car broke down this morning.. i dont have my hot water bottle with me... and today is my 1st day of pms.. so not so nice.. aarrgghhh....

Sunday, January 9, 2011

movie night

i am so not a movie person. means i don't really like to go to the movie [now]. used to go to the cinema everytime they changed the movie last time. but now, i'd rather have a big screen at home where i can lie down on my spacious sofa but of course with a good sound system. the question is, do i have all that? LOL :D hale no!! not yet at least :) i sold off our sound system about 2 years ago coz it was so bulky. i like the small size but powerful sound which i am sure will cost me a bomb! err... looks like i am off track now.
narnia - the voyage of the dawn treader... hehhe :D i just knew the full title last night. all the while, i only know it as narnia.. i just love watching narnia. maybe there is a child in me that likes these kind of movies. i think i have watched all narnia's series - and this one is the only one that i watch in the cinema. why? coz after watching the previous ones [that i missed watching at the cinema], i am sure the sound and actions will be awesome!! told joelis that i'll take them to watch it since december... and suddenly time was always envy with us. so few days back, i make it a point to go... cant do on friday coz its my gym night. and the only night that joelis could stay up is on the weekend.

so yesterday was the day... i had 1 full day... been in and out of the house... driving up and down the hill and at that time i felt like my car is drinking water... it was tiring but fulfilling. i was at my gf's house twice to show her on how or where to invest into gold/and silver. and she seems really interested. it is a good time now to invest and save on gold/and silver. you wont lose anything. well, ooppss.. sorry off track again. back to movie story.  by after maghrib, i fetched joey from his friend's house, rushed home, changed our clothes and drove to the movie. i was really not feeling so good :(( i know why and it was my fault... had late breakfast, very late lunch and my tummy could not take it.... LOL :D and the funny part is, i think i am nervous to go and watch a movie!!! so BUSDUS... akakakak :D

so.. okay... "when we reach there... joelis, you run up and buy the tickets, i will need to go to the ladies, and kaiser park the car.. we meet at the cinema.." "okay... roger" replied joelis... and as kaiser reached the mall.. 3 of us ran out of the car like 3 detectives... hehehe ;D kinda cool... padahal.. sakit perut, Tuhan sajer yang tahu... :P

we had a quick dinner at one of the cafe.. and narnia bestt.... i just love the movie... :) :) ... caspian is so cute!! .. and lisa and i had the same thoughts.. hahaah :D kaiser was busy beside me munching his biscuits and apples...and after a while.."can't they pause the movie?? i need to pee!" joey seriously concentrating on the movie.. loveee the effect.. it was i dont know what to say, but i really enjoy the movie.. love the macho-ness of aslan...

narnia is truly a dream come true movie..[to me]  it's like.. when you have a problem, at the end of it there will be happy ending..  the bad ones will disappear and the good guys will win.. and the hero will always be good looking and hunk... hhehehe :D

as we drove home.. i kinda agree with what kaiser thinks... "that i am like a child who likes all these fairy tales movie" maybe.. i wish i am living in a fairy tale world? hhmmmmm....

Friday, January 7, 2011

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

nice dream

i had a tough time to sleep last night, maybe because i slept for 2 hours during the day. hahaa serves me right.. anyway last night i had a wonderful dream. weird but it was wonderful. i dreamt of my friends when i was in PUO. best giler okay... there were abg long, angah, jaey, sudin, duan, and a few more. there was this one 'scene' where all of them went of with their bikes and left abg long with me. abg long was very reserved. and we talked but we were quite distanced. and we talk about work stuff. he looked quite blur. hmmm i wonder why.. and in my dream i was doing a 'kebajikan' work selling some stuff i dont know what lah.. hmmm anyway.. it was a nice dream la coz at least i get to see abg long in my dream :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

joey turned 11

3rd jan 2011: my son was quite easy to please.. at times.. errr.. at least this year, for his birthday. :D heheh :D he was trying his luck for a birthday party. but i told him, since he did not do well in his exam, he cannot have a birthday party - so, he understood :) his request was to have cheesy pizza :) ok... that one, is do-able :D so that day, it was his first day of school. i took leave as i just dont feel like working :P hehehe :D pizza here we come lah...

and the next day was imran's birthday... so the boys sort of have opening present time together :)
happy birthday joey and we love you very very much!!! :* 

Monday, January 3, 2011

kisah 1st day of school

i was in the car with my mom after a long day errands.. send joelis to school, accompany my mom for her regular check up at pcmc [the hospital is so lembab!!], bangsar for appointment and wangsa maju for lawyer's appointment when i received kaiser's call at 3.30pm.

kaiser: hallo...
me: yes..
kaiser: err.. am i supposed to pick up lisa from school?
me: yesss... [paused for a while]... HEY!! what time is it now??
kaiser: oh my god.. its 3.30pm!!
me: and you have not picked up LISA????
kaiser: how i'd know.. i thought you are on leave and..
me: i sent in the morning, so you need to pick up lisa... [panicking] and why lisa did not call??
kaiser: okay i will pick her up in a while.
me: where are you now?
kaiser: swangsa buying something for joey's birthday.
me: hemm okay.. coz it'll take longer time from where i am now.
kaiser: ok..ok.. in 5 mins!

and my heart was dropping.. in my head, why didnt lisa call. its like 1 hour late! i was contemplating if i should just go and pick lisa up...when my phone rang..

lisa: maaaa..
me: hello!! [relieved]
lisa: err..
me: yes..kaiser forgot to pick you up.. where are you?
lisa: in school..
me: go and wait inside the school...why didnt you call earlier?
lisa: ma, its okay.. anna just went home. i called but could not get kaiser.
me: pls wait inside..
lisa: i'll wait the usual place..
me: no! wait inside the school area until kaiser arrives..
lisa: there are many people maa..
me: no lisa, please wait inside..
lisa: hmm hokayy...
me: bye.. love you..
lisa: love you too..

*phew*... and only God know how grateful i am that lisa is okay... alhamdulillah...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

welcoming 2011!

the last time i tried to celebrate new year - we [me and a bunch of BBGS friends] got stuck on the road. and that was the last i went out of the house... i think it was many many years ago maybe 7 years ago?? and this year, somehow, kaiser found a cool spot where we can see the fireworks without getting stuck in traffic. and guess what... there were many people and cars are parked by the roadside of BA. we had a good time - just that the fireworks show were too short.. i think less than 5 minutes lah.. well anyway.. it was good experience :))