Wednesday, December 29, 2010

time to reflect

what have i achieved this year? wow... suddenly i just felt like writing this down. i am near to never had a new year resolution - except for my work department objective for our company. let me just look back what i wanted to do and i have achieved. :)

  • survived another year without spending on credit cards. yes, you read me right.. 99% of my expenses for leisure and fun are by cash only. i am so proud of myself. spend only on necessary things and according to my affordability.
  • got myself a dslr and i decided on canon 500D and until to-date i have improved quite a lot in handling my toy. 
  • after 10 months moved to a new house, managed to have a new curtain for my hall & my master bedroom ~ extra achievement tuuhhh...  (yayy... just got it very recent).
  • back to my gym routine... 3 times a week without fail cheywahh.. if i missed one day, i'd normally replace with another day. 
  • reduced my thigh size ... wahh!! happy siot... although i have not reached the optimal size like my idol ;)
  • went for holiday with kids twice this year - although my target with them was only once a year for out of malaysia trip.
  • we got the house a new color and spending less by doing it ourselves.. er.. actually kaiser painted the walls :P
  • my juice paid off by itself with the commission that i received! yay... this is so cool. although i wanna achieve higher commission next year. JOIN ME? :)
  • made a new investment for myself for future planning that will lead to financial free :) wanna know more? call my handphone and meet me tomorrow at pavillion, 8.00pm. 
hmmm what else aahh? i will update more here when i remember, ok :)