Wednesday, December 22, 2010

massage at tanamera

just couldnt wait to write :) today was the first time that i go for a massage at tanamera, sooka sentral. i am feeling so stressed that i really need a massage. my usual masseuse was on leave yesterday - so i was kinda wanna try another another place today although i can just go back to my usual masseuse. well anyway, tanamera was recommended to me by a few friends.
the massage: was the massage really good? nahh.. not really. i felt like the masseuse was  just 'ramas2' and she doesnt have the right technic to massage. well i chose malay traditional massage where you start with sitting down for intro massage before you are asked to lie down. hmmm if that is the way of malay traditional massage - i'd go for indonesia massage anytime!!  i think joey massage better. the massage was not even 1 hour.
the hair treatment set

the place: it was nicely decorated. good music but they should sweep the massage room in detail. there was a cob web at the corner of the room. luckily the lighting was suram.. :) otherwise you might be able to see the dust? ;)

treatment: the staff were friendly and explained the product well. and because of that i bought a set of hair treatment products... hahahah LOL :D and paid RM98.00+ for that :P a set of shampoo, conditioner and treatment.

price: surprisingly it was quite reasonable. 1 hour massage RM120, but of course i can get cheaper elsewhere, but giving the treatment and good customer service, the price is ok. mani pedi RM50 for half hour.. hmm not bad. got to try some day.

will i go again? errmm... only if i dont have other place to go for massage coz i dont feel satisfied with the way of massage. other people might feel differently.

would i recommend to others? my answer is, yes... go and try.