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kalam's troop holiday to Bali

by - December 15, 2010

some last minute holiday plan... the most important, we had fun... felt the holiday was too short. we were in bali from 10th dec 2010 to 13th dec 2010. stayed at double N villa at canggu area. the place is like 40 minutes from the airport. quite far from everything but the villa was beautiful. we had 3 maids, 1 gardener, on call driver and house manager.. hahaha :D as for me, i have not had a lived in maid for almost 2 years now, so felt a bit awkward. i like the idea of them cleaning the bedroom though... LOL :D :P i guess that is how living in luxury all about.

the first day it rained. :(  we had to change the plan to watch kecak dance coz we wasted lot of time discussing of whether to go to villa first, or to have lunch or straight to kecak.. so in the end everyone went back to villa and lepak... kids, as usual will attack the pool... and myself just lepak... and had my first massage that night :))
2nd day was full with shopping and watching dance performance. started as early as 8am... well we did try to be 8am sharp... but biasa lah bila dah ramai delay sket :P we watched barong & keris dance in the morning, shopped at Ubud.. looked all over for my wood wall decor thingy but could not find them :( later tanah lot temple & kecak in the evening. i bought a picture for our house. we had dinner at the villa... and lots of relaxing..

3rd day... sunday .. by 630am kids were already in the pool.. i was by the pool by 8am. sunbathing ~ trying to get tanned :) it was great... my massage by the pool started 10.30am to 11.30am... went around the house with my bikini...hahaha :D by noon.. i jumped in the pool again coz joey already merajuk when i did not swim with him :P ... by 130pm.. got out of the pool and got ready for hair braiding :) while waiting for lobster to be ready for lunch yummmyyyyy.... by 245pm.. done eating.. by 3pm we went out to Kuta. went around... nothing much.. :) went to Kuta beach to take pictures.. then drove to Harley store.. bought some tshirts. then dropped by krishna for more souvenir shopping :P

4th day... woke up at 430am... our flight back to KL was at 830am.... ehhh??? is that all??? hmmmm... yeahhh... sound too short kan? and guess what.... we'll be back. :)

my review on the villa ... ;)

the villa was huge and spacious... clean.. just nice for 15 of us.. the maids were friendly. the cook was superb.   some improvement would be, the sofa cover should be changed maybe more often or after guests are gone back. there could be dust. my nieces had rashes on their skin. but my son was okay... either it was dusty or my nieces have more sensitive skin lah :P although the cook was superb, she was a bit slow in time management. we had lunch late on sunday that caused my mom to tremble coz it was already 1pm and lunch was not ready! in the morning breakfast was supposed to be on the table by 7am... but by 730am breakfast was not ready.

location wise, if you are in Bali for a long time (more than 4 days), its worth it. travelling from the villa to the happening area takes some time. so we kinda waste lots of time on the road.

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