Monday, December 20, 2010

its so fast

i had a great time at SJ's early christmas dinner last night. wished joelis were there although for some reasons, it wouldnt be such that good idea. errmm... not really a good influence for kids - but the food was fabulous. i was thinking of joelis the whole time i had the delicious turkey specially made by Joe. :)

anyway was just thinking that i wanna go on a strict diet... yes yes... some of you would roll your eyes and say, 'is this woman crazy or what??' but you wouldnt understand... would you? its just about trying and doing how much your body can take it. am i hungry now? yes but not so much coz i have been taking care of (limiting) my food intake anyway... but i wanna do better. and my idol is alicia marie. not gonna do myself as muscular as she is, but i like her body..nicely toned, if you know what i mean.. she's a doll to me :)) :))

and my 2011 resolution is, in 3 months time, i'd be like her??!! walauweehhhh... hahahah :D thats a challenge huh... ;) will i suffer? i dont think so. i enjoy going to the gym now.. i guess 3 times a week is sufficient but i need to do something else for the rest of the days.. me lazy butt.. :P ahaksss... but hey... she looks fantabulous!!

lets start with what i had for breakfast this morning at 10am.
  • 2 half boiled eggs
  • hot lemon tea
  • half toast bread [but with butter and jam... :( ~ the bad side]
unlike alicia marie's diet but... its actually not bad :P